How To Get A Crypto Liquidity Provider When Opening A Bitcoin Trading Platform?


Sasha Ortiz
Aug 17 · 3 min read

One of the crucial aspects of any cryptocurrency, regardless of traditional or bitcoins, is the Liquidity factor.

The crypto coin which has a high volume of liquidity will bring in a consistent market. When most people think of a currency as a high volume of liquidity, they also think of the cash which can be spent in the market.

What does Bitcoin Liquidity mean?

When people use the term Cryptocurrency Liquidity, they refer to the ability to convert the tradeable digital assets into cash or other cryptocurrencies in a hassle-free manner. The higher the liquidity is, the fair will be the price of the virtual currencies.

Moreover, it is easier to exchange the cryptocurrency for other digital assets in the cryptocurrency trading platform. To put it in simple words, a Bitcoin Liquidity is required for the cryptocurrency to stay for a longer time.

Who is a Cryptocurrency Liquidity Provider?

A Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin Liquidity provider are the market makers who are responsible to enhance the liquidity in the trading platform. Similar to the traditional market, the crypto exchange liquidity provider buy digital assets and sell them by gaining profit.

The volume of the business that providers do assist in helping the shape of the market for the cryptocurrency. These market makers make use of the software and script solutions to automate the process.

If you consider popular Bitcoin trading platforms such as Coinbase, the traders are blessed with a separate set of accounts by ensuring rich liquidity in this volatile market. In addition to these exchanges, Binance, Kraken, BitMex also offers good liquidity to its users.

These Market Makers are Crucial since:

  1. They enhance market figures
  2. They perform a wide range of services
  3. Market Makers make commissions & profits

Where to Find a Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin Liquidity Provider in the Market?

There are a plethora of Bitcoin Market Makers available in the market. As a crypto enthusiast, I was looking for a top-notch cryptocurrency liquidity provider.

I found Coinsclone to be one of the trusted & reputed market makers who offer top-notch Liquidity services for the Bitcoin trading platforms. They render Liquidity software and script in their crypto exchange solutions they provide.

Their ready-made or white-label exchange software which most of them buy are offered with feature-packed solutions. In addition to crypto liquidity, they provide the following set of services:

  1. Initial Exchange Offering Module
  2. Atomic Swaps
  3. Margin Trading
  4. Security Token Exchange
  5. Mobile Application trading feature for Android & iOS devices
  6. Cryptocurrency Wallet Development & Integration (Hot & Cold Storage)
  7. Trading Bot
  8. Order Book Exchange
  9. Market Orders
  10. Investor & Issuer Console

And much more!

They render Liquidity API which can connect to external exchanges and providing high-end liquidity to the cryptocurrency trading platform!

No matter what, Liquidity plays and will play a major role in the crypto industry to bring in a stable market!


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Sasha Ortiz

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The best damn place to read and write about crypto and blockchain.

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