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May 3 · 5 min read

Thomas Koller is not only the CEO of headline-grabbing secure platform ATRONOCOM; he’s also responsible for analytical and conceptual planning within the company.

Thanks for speaking to us today Thomas, can you first tell us why you decided to start ATRONOCOM?

Hey, thanks! Sure. Anyone involved in the crypto and blockchain space will know that the world of cryptocurrencies and their associated requirements are becoming more and more complex.

The industry is finding it challenging to keep up with the demands of the market, which is understandable, but it’s still crucial that development moves at a pace able to maintain current progress.

Here at ATRONOCOM, we have team members who have previously helped develop and maintain projects for several large corporations, all of which brings valuable experience to our project.

If you look around today, you’ll see that the smartphone is king. Devices are becoming capable of much more, and are embedding themselves more and more into the daily lives of more and more people.

As our lives revolve more and more around our smartphones, it’s essential that industry leaders take that into account and make it easier for customers and users to access aspects of their daily lives without issues.

That’s where ANTRONOCOM comes in.

Sounds pretty interesting! This leads nicely to my next question, which is how ATRONOCOM are going to make this happen?

Well, as I mentioned, the smartphone is king, so all of our services and features will be geared around your smartphone, and designed to make each task as intuitive as possible.

For example, our virtual bank card. Now, we know that we’re not breaking any new ground with this concept, but where we feel we can improve is in how we execute the feature.

At the moment our virtual bank card can be used at almost 40 million contact points all over the world, and this number will be increasing.

Members of the ATRONOCOM Legion who have filled out their online registration form can activate their virtual bank card and take advantage of the DApp account management, and also the partner card bonus program, as well as the concierge service. We have a lot more features coming soon as well.

Mobile banking is also a big deal today, and here at ATRONOCOM we’re taking things a step further by not only providing our customers with everything they’d expect from a high-quality mobile banking service but also offering the opportunity to both buy and sell cryptocurrencies, with both day trading and marginal trading in the pipeline for the future.

We’ve read a bit about the ATRONOCOM secure messaging service. Can you elaborate a little on that for us?

Absolutely. As you’ll know, secure messaging has become a bit of a hot button topic of late, with talk of WhatsApp owners Facebook thinking of introducing targeted ads, which would suggest they’ll need data to target the advertising from, which has led to a bit of confusion over how that’s possible if messages sent via WhatsApp are encrypted? I’m not entirely sure about the ins and outs with that, but what I do know is that ATRONOCOM will be offering P2P encryption VOIP, which includes both messages and files.

We’re also offering a connected wallet function, which is something entirely new for a messaging service.

For cell phones that are not smartphones, we offer a smaller version of the app which works on an older system, like Symbian-based mobile, and can connect people to the global banking system. Today, 1.7 billion people are unbanked or underbanked and are excluded financially. However, according to GSMA real-time intelligence data, there are now over 8.98 billion mobile connections globally, which surpasses the current world population of 7.69 billion. I think these numbers send out a clear message.

We’ve also noticed that staking is available according to your website?

Correct, mobile phone staking is available on both Android and iOS, and we’ve decided to run with the POS/DPoS consensus methodology.

We’re offering a complete staking process, which comes complete with a reward incentive. For the initial releases, we’re connecting smartphones by connecting wallets to relay nodes that boast full API support. There are more details on this feature available on our website.

You’re also working with Operation Rescue childcare project. Can you explain a bit about that and how it came about?

Sure. A while back a member of our team visited an Operation Rescue project in Brazil and quickly realized that we were in a position to assist in the terrific work that Marciano and his team are doing for children living in poverty.

Since then the relationship has grown, and we’ve pledged to donate 10 percent of every transaction fee from the ATRONOCOM platform to the Operation Rescue project.

It’s the least we could do, and Marciano is doing a terrific job over there.

Well, Thomas, this sounds like a very interesting project! Before we finish for today, can you tell us what you have planned moving forward?

Absolutely! ATRONOCOM and the services we’re providing today are all very exciting, but there’s so much more coming down the pipeline.

At the end of the day, our primary motivation is making life easier for both investors and participants with advanced products and technology that is simple to use. Life is supposed to get more comfortable as technology progresses, not harder, and I feel that some companies have forgotten that.

Thanks for talking to us today Thomas! We appreciate it!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored interview.


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