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Nov 12 · 4 min read

Hello Raphael Birchner. Thank you for connecting with us, and for taking the time to educate our community on CHAIA.iO. Firstly, can you give us a brief introduction to yourself, your story, and how you got involved in cryptocurrencies and blockchain?

I really appreciate the opportunity to be here today. Thanks!
I am born in Germany, but I was raised in Istanbul and Dubai. For the moment, I am close to finishing my Bachelor-degree, in Management & Technology at Technical University Munich. I would consider myself as a person without a real origin. I am German, but my home is not here. I am home anywhere I go.

Since I was a teenager, I was passionate about financial markets and trading. I opened demo accounts on CFD platforms, just to learn the basics in technical analysis and margin trading.

During my time abroad, I reached a point where I became interested in global economics and soon after, I started questioning our monetary system, how it was created and what led to financial crisis all around the world. To me, Bitcoin seemed to be a very questionable solution until I understood all aspects around it. Now I am fascinated by its technology and its impact on society, especially in developing countries.

At the beginning of 2017, I was introduced to an ICO project by a friend of mine. It triggered me to learn more about Blockchain and the solutions that it brings along. Nevertheless, I hated the media around it. Most websites were designed to make money by sponsoring scams, instead of bringing valuable content to the table. Enthusiasts like me had a limited amount of resources to base their investment decisions on. We were lost in the crowd.

What led you to start your project, and why exactly this kind of project?

Turning over to 2018, the market crashed. The wrong projects got fueled by venture capitalists as well as retail investors. Influencers shilled fraudulent Ponzi schemes. The media was full of scams. I got burned, my friends got burned.

Believing in the technology and digital payment units, I had the vision to streamline the process of doing research. I wanted to create a portal that brings editorial content from high quality media outlets together, giving investors ways to analyzing the market, understanding the dynamics attached to it and easily distinguishing one project from another.

What’s the vision for CHAIA.iO?

CHAIA will be the number one platform for doing research in the cryptocurrency space.

What have been the biggest challenges since you started your project?

I saw competitors implementing solutions that I initially thought of as well. The filter options are prevalent by now and we were not the first to ease that process. Nevertheless, we took one more step and made sure the user can not only filter, but also compare coins based on the filter chosen. Our analysis tools include media & market data.

Raphael, what have been your greatest achievements personally, and with CHAIA.iO? Try to separate the two.

My greatest achievement personally has been to start building CHAIA.iO at the beginning of 2019, launching it in Q3 the same year, while studying full time, passing 6 exams at Germany’s Nr.1 university — Technical University Munich. I am currently sitting on my Bachelor thesis, which I will submit in December. So far, I can call 2019 a pretty hard, but successful year. All this, thanks to great colleagues supporting the project.

CHAIA.iO is still at the beginning of what it will bring to the market, therefore major community- & business-related achievements will be targeted throughout 2020.

What is your plan for the project for the next 2–3 years? Where do you see yourself Raphael?

CHAIA.iO has to grow its userbase as well as support more features. We need more content, more correlations and triggers that make users able to act upon the information we provide. We need to separate certain cryptocurrencies more from one another. The user should be able to easily distinguish cryptocurrencies in order to partially analyze the market as well as a whole.

I see myself as an entrepreneur & cryptocurrency enthusiast. None of that should change over the coming years. I want to bring solutions to the market. B2B as well as B2C. We all consume media every day. Together with our parent company, a major Newswire business in Germany, I want to help good projects in making headlines, while streamlining the process of doing research in the blockchain & cryptocurrency space.

Where can we connect with you or support your business?

You can connect with us on Twitter: @ChaiaIo. Feedback is always appreciated. We will consider each suggestion made. Other than that, please feel free to shoot me an email:

Thank you for your time — any final words?

It has been a pleasure speaking with you today. Thanks a lot.


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