On Blocking Progress: The Rise and Rise Of Blockchain Tribalism

By Ogochukwu Obiajulu O on ALTCOIN MAGAZINE

I talked about building tribes in my last post.

I talked about the Bitcoin tribe and used it as a perfect representation of what happens when you create something remarkable.

Bitcoin exemplifies what Blockchain has to offer and the tide of adoption has been growing higher over the years.

The Internet democratized Information.

Blockchain in democratizing Money.

Image by Mateusz Dach

There is however a snag that has also developed along the years and in my Opinion, this is purely driven by greed.

There has been a lot of Infighting and this is purely driven by the attempt by everyone to get a piece of the Blockchain pie, by hook or crook.

Everyone is out to raise big bucks or gain an Increase in Market cap value, more focus is given to stats on Coinmarketcap than the real work that needs to be done.

Image by Enjin Akyurt

The Real Goal

We have seen the state of the current Economical system.

Decades of poor decisions by world governments have left the economies of nations in tatters.

Huge amounts of debts have been racked up.

African Nations like Zambia are being colonized through Economic means by China.

In the race for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Adoption, it is easy to point fingers at the World government and different Economic bodies and accuse them of stifling the rate of adoption.

Our greatest enemy right now is ourselves.

An empire toppled by its enemies can rise again, but one which crumbles from within is dead forever . Col. Helmut Zemo

We have seen the explosion of Blockchain Tribalism. Different Blockchain communities believe that they have cracked the perfect code and that their Blockchain has the all in one Solution.

This is a Marketing move that has been flogged to death.

Bitcoin was not built solely with Marketing, everything Bitcoin is was as a result of ten years of constant work and Improvement.

It will always have its place.

Any new Blockchain team that believed that they have built a better alternative should put in the work and build Infrastructures.

You don’t have to make Bitcoin look bad or useless.

Infighting will not speed up adoption.

We all saw the endgame of the war against Bitcoin by the Bitcoin Cash Team led RogerVer.

Bitcoin Cash has also ended up splitting into two different chains and new warring factions have been formed.

This tribalism being witnessed in the Blockchain Space rests on shaky logical assumptions.

The only thing that it has been able to achieve is stifling growth and creating a bad Reputation for Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies.

It is also causing a diversion from the main work that needs to be done.

It has also created distrust, a lot of newbies were tricked into buying Bitcoin Cash instead of Bitcoin when they signed up via Bitcoin.com run by Roger Ver.

Personal attacks and trolling on forums and Social Media is also making the space unattractive to newcomers.

Actions like these are making the work of those resisting the Blockchain easy.

There will never be a perfect Blockchain. There will always be trade-offs.

The major thing is to focus on Partnerships and other activities that would bring the right attention to the Blockchain.

We are all seeking the same thing.

A change in the Economic model and also the use of different Blockchain Solutions to better our Lives through different means.

We have to understand that different Blockchains will solve different Unique problems and make up for the deficiency of others.

Universal support is needed and not war.


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