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Jul 22 · 4 min read

Telecoin has been developed to improve the security and privacy of transfers and transactions in a globalized fast-paced world with greater digital risks.

Hey, guys! Thank you so much for joining us today! We had a closer look at Telecoin and wanted to know more. Can you please provide a demonstration of the product or service, and tell us more about it?

We are currently running beta tests on the network and have beta wallets available to download directly from our GitHub repository. We are testing some of the features with the community and to anyone that wants to get involved you can join directly through the community and we will send some coins.

How are you different from others that provide the same thing? What is your main value proposition?

We are different in the sense that we are taking Blockchain tech to the communication industry through our encrypted OS that we plan to build. Others have tried but we have a unique and different approach and will deliver the people a free App that will showcase some of these features.

What prevents others from copying you?

The technology and protocols that we will implement are unique. The fact this will be based on community governance, also means in the future this will lead in many directions.

What about the company’s roadmap? Which milestones did you achieve and what can we expect in the near future? Also, is there anything that you are particularly excited about that is on your roadmap?

We have already hit certain milestones with evidence that we have built the main net before we have launched our IEO which is huge in comparison. We are excited to see the mainnet deployment and to start the build on the Phone Network and Trend Setter Platform.

So, TELE will launch IEO on 31/07/19 and ends on 30/08/19, right? Who are accredited investors or if we ask differently — who can invest and where?

The IEO will take place on LATOKEN Exchange and will launch this month on 31st July 2019. It will end on 30Th August 2019 and the terms and conditions for participation will be dictated by the platform.

Tell us more about the token. We know that TELEX is built on the Ethereum blockchain and that token type is Erc777, but what is the total supply, price, etc.?

The IEO will take place on Ethereum and the price per TELEX token will be $1.33 per token. There is a total fixed supply of 15.5m TELEX and 12M TELEX will be available to buy on the LATOKEN platform when the IEO is launched.

TELE Main Net is a Decentralized P2P privacy network built using new innovations & protocols alongside innovations from Dash, PIVX and more — Focusing on private transactions and Interaction. Can you explain that to us?

TELE Main Net is an open-source, Hybrid Blockchain with the goal of providing a long-term, energy-efficient, crypto-currency with enhanced privacy and security features. Built on the foundation of Bitcoin, Dash, and PIVX, innovations such as a Proof-of-Stake protocol have been implemented to help further advance the field, along with Obfuscation, SwiftTX and MasterNode capability. By delivering a lightweight efficient currency with enhanced privacy, relying on a Trust-less, decentralized, digital mechanism to generate a broad immutable consensus. TELE delivers a secure medium of exchange.

So you offer Master Node & Staking rewards (18m TELE — 15.5m pre-mine & 2.5m on the network for rewards) Block rewards split 60/40 in favor of Master Nodes. How many TELE tokens are required to run a master node? Can anyone join?

To run a master node requires a minimum of 10,000 TELE to stake as collateral. To obtain you will need to make your purchase through the IEO on LATOKEN Launchpad.

What is Trend-Setter? It is some kind of affiliate reward platform that targets various arenas, right? How can one use it?

It works differently to a centralized entity where instead you can reward your demographic direct and prevent unfortunate, yet not uncommon circumstances to ensure you can reach your target audience. The user base will dictate whether there is a market for the material.

On your website, we can see that your wallet is coming soon. Payment Obfuscation (In-Wallet Coin mixing) through the use of Master nodes and Staking, SwiftTX transactions, in-wallet block explorer — when can we expect to see that?

Some of these features you can see now if you download a current beta wallet from our repository. Post IEO we plan to launch the main net once all tests have been performed to a satisfactory standard.

Thank you, guys! Awesome to connect. And for the readers, stay tuned for the founder interview coming up shortly with Telecoin.


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