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BRIKCOIN — Leveraging an innovative financial model to solve the UK affordable housing shortage

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Jun 3 · 5 min read

»Everybody understands how desperately housing is needed and how very little is being done by those voted in by the people and given the responsibility to deliver — it’s time for a change,«

— These are your words, right? What lesser-known opportunities did you see that may result in making your company a huge success?

The affordable housing market in the UK is currently valued at over £11 billion. This means that there is a nearly inexhaustible demand for our product. The public organizations are simply not able to handle that demand and there is no solution emerging from the private sector. As far as we know, we are the first company to propose a solution and put it into effect. We can never meet that huge shortfall, where 3 million homes are needed in the next 20 years and only about 6000 were built last year. This is our huge opportunity and gives investors stable, long term returns.

In addition to that, we also have revenue streams from property management, development fees as well as holding the asset on our books even after we lease it out to the local housing authorities. Moving forward, we will bake utility in our token through our partnership with a data analytics and modeling company that will work to create facility and resource management models using data collected from our properties as well as putting the coin into use as a currency for businesses located on our properties.

How have others attempted to solve this problem before, and why did their solutions succeed or fail?

Honestly, we believe private developers have been way too short sighted to see the opportunity we have and no real solution has ever been proposed from the private sector to our knowledge. The public sector just doesn’t have the funds or the long term interest in solving this problem on a sustainable scale.

How is yours better? How are you solving the problem?

Our innovative financial model means that we will be delivering housing in partnership with local housing authorities with no upfront costs to them. The housing is built and leased out to the authority for 50 years to let to tenants in need. This lease is then sold to financial institutions like pension funds who desire stable, long term income. Our model lets users recoup the costs + ~20% profit when the lease is sold to the pension funds. Pension funds find the lease attractive because it is backed by the local housing authority and therefore the UK central government — a hell or high water lease — that is stone clad.

Why is now the time for your company to exist?

As mentioned earlier, the housing crisis in the UK is at an unprecedented high and with cryptocurrency fundraising models, we can really come together as a community and solve the problem while getting an asset-backed currency with a low-risk business backing it.

How big is your addressable market and how did you determine that?

The affordable housing market is at £11 billion pounds according to AMA research, a real estate research company and the demand outstrip supply by a huge margin. The cryptocurrency market is what it is with sizes debatable, but substantial and we can make our token play in both these sectors.

How big your team is and what do you love about them?

As a social impact company, we believe in keeping our team lean and we operate on a shoestring budget while pouring most of our funds into the actual product. We have people very experienced in their fields. Our co-founders are property financing and building veterans while I have worked in blockchain investing/marketing since 2012 in Singapore, China, India and elsewhere. We have a global team with a focus on UK experience and real property industry know-how.

Chief Marketing Officer at BRIKCOIN

The BRIKCOIN token is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain standard. There will be 1 billion tokens premined and the supply will remain static. Tell us more about the token.

We want to keep the market cap as low as possible at crowd sale price to give us ample room to grow. Therefore, we have decided to sell 60% of the tokens to raise about £5.3 million. This will put us at a £10 million market cap at crowd sale prices. Our goal is to have our revenue eclipse our market cap within the first 2 years which is not something that 90% of blockchain companies can say.

BRIKCOIN allows anyone from around the world to invest in affordable housing projects in the UK through a secure decentralized network. Investments have low minimums, low fees, and instant liquidity. How can a potential investor buy BRIKCOIN tokens and what are the benefits of buying/holding the BRIKCOIN token?

We have an account dashboard set up for investors at where they can use credit cards and crypto transfers to buy tokens. The tokens will be linked to the growth of every aspect of the company.

What about a roadmap? Is there anything that you guys are particularly excited about that is on your roadmap and what are the top priorities for the company right now?

Our roadmap is available on our site and we are very excited about our token sale that starts on June 1. On our operations side, we are very close to signing our first deal with a housing authority and we are weeks away from nailing down our first property purchase. Our properties are all forward funded by financing from Tier I real estate lending institutions, so we do not need to rely on our crowdsale for the first property to go ahead.

What is the biggest risk to the company?

We have been working over the last year and a half to put stop gags into each part of the model to reduce our financial risks as much as possible and deliver our investors a coin with solid backing.

Thank you for your time — any final words?

We are always available for questions and we are so very excited to bring our homes to those in need and create value for our investors. Please visit us at and don’t forget to follow us on social media.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored interview.


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