The DCX “Unwind With Crypto” Cocktail Event

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Nov 7 · 4 min read

India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, CoinDCX, hosted a ‘first-of-its-kind’ private crypto cocktail dinner on Saturday at The Lalit.

The event was attended by the pioneers of the crypto and the blockchain industry who have taken India’s crypto competence to the global stage. Our list of eminent guests at the event included representatives from Crypto Kanoon, Matic Network, Marlin Protocol, Woodstock Fund, Cashaa, Hard Fork. There were also top exchanges from India including WazirX and Delta.

The theme of the evening was to bring all the important stakeholders in the crypto industry together and build a stronger global community. Keeping that in mind, our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sumit Gupta said,

“While everyone here is well-connected with someone, we should all connect with each other and present one single voice to the world which represents India.”

It was a night filled with commitment, inspiration, humor, and passion. Everyone in the room got to know about the cutting-edge technologies of the industry and the direction India is progressing to establish its ‘decentralized’ prowess.

Shantanu Sharma, the founder of Hard Fork, was the special host for the evening. He commenced the event with discussions on the prevailing cryptocurrency uncertainties and engaged the pioneers on extremely productive dialogues on India’s future with cryptocurrencies. Kashif Raza, the founder of Crypto-kanoon, weighed in on the matter saying that while the cryptocurrency community is more than eager to engage with the regulatory bodies, unfortunately, the opposing side has been less than co-operative.

Anoush Bhasin, who has made a name for himself, by being one of the country’s top blockchain and cryptocurrency tax consultants, spoke about the importance of taxation in cryptocurrencies. Kumar Gaurav, founder of Cashaa said,

“It is important to have discussions and have an associated body to deal with obstacles and compliance measures of crypto-based startups. Right now, it is difficult to say if cryptocurrency is grey, or black or white in India. There is an immediate need of a specialized body which exclusively deals with cryptocurrencies”

Mrs. Chhaya Sehgal, the president of the Bombay Management Association was the chief guest at the event. While she said that she was completely new to the domain, she organized various events to preach a message which harmonized with the theme of the event — Uniting together at the time of adversity.

Mrs. Sehgal reiterated how important it was to come together as a community despite having differences in opinions, ideas, organizations, business models, and following the activity by Mrs. Sehgal, the session concluded and CoinDCX opened the floor for networking. It was the first event in the meetup UNWIND series which CoinDCX will be planning in different cities across the country. CoinDCX’s goal is to bring togetherness to the community that has brought a revolution of cryptocurrencies in India and has pushed the public to think about financial services in a different way. CoinDCX co-founder Sumit Gupta concluded the event by thanking all the attendees of the event and sharing a collective vision of driving India’s crypto sentiment on the right track.

About CoinDCX

CoinDCX is India’s largest cryptocurrency platform that connects traders with massive global liquidity. It has empowered traders with a bouquet of industry first and global power products to trade better using liquidity from the world’s leading exchanges like Binance, HitBTC, and Huobi global. CoinDCX has brought all the crypto-trading products under a single roof. The products are designed for all types of traders keeping their experience, risk tolerance, and frequency of trading into consideration. One can trade in 500+ markets with DCXtrade, convert your INR to Cryptos and vice versa on DCXInsta, earn by lending your holdings with DCXlend, and leverage your trades using DCXmargin.

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