VeChain Introduces ToolChain


The gateway to the VeChainThor Blockchain — Built for everyone.

VeChain’s ToolChain

A truly revolutionary new turnkey solution within the blockchain space. “Today we are officially launching VeChain’s ToolChain” — Sunny Lu (VeChain CEO) from VeChain Summit 2019.

Sunny Lu (VeChain CEO) on stage at VeChain Summit 2019

VeChain’s ToolChain solution will enable EVERYONE to be a qualified builder, even people without a technical background will be able to create valuable transactions on the VeChainThor blockchain — “power to the people”. There has been 60 technical people working tirelessly over the last 3 years to create ‘ToolChain’.

The VeChain ToolChain kit

The ToolChain box comes with all of the hardware, software, service protocols needed to onboard your business to the VeChainThor blockchain within 30 minutes.

Jerome Grilleres (VeChain Europe General Manager) & Sarah Nabaa (VeChain SEA & Australia General Manager)

ToolChain for Business

For business owners, VeChain will create a ToolChain account which will enable you to access the ToolChain Admin Center. A command like center where you can easily select the NFC or RFID tags most suited for your usecase, in any quantity, small or large and VeChain will ship them directly to your door.

ToolChain Admin Center

You can then easily upload product descriptions, attributes, photos and videos as well as manage who in the supply chain can write information on to the VeChainThor blockchain.

You will also be able to predefine the events that you wish to share on to the blockchain and control and assign exactly which company does what. You will also be able to see the transaction (TX) ids that your business has generated, giving you a full overview of the number of TXs that your products have produced across the product’s journey.

ToolChain — VeChain Work App

Once the information is uploaded to the VeChainThor blockchain, there is another app in which the participants who are uploading data on to the blockchain will need to use, it’s called the ‘VeChain Work App’.

The VeChain Work App will allow you or the third party manufacturer of your products, to ‘bind’ the physical products to the NFC/RFID chips. Products can be individually binded or batched in a group for high volume usecases (a case of wine instead of an individual bottle).

Demonstrating how the VeChain Work App is used to bind physical products to NFC/RFID chips

With ToolChain, you’re able to digitize your products with secure NFC technology, track your products in the supply chain and then present all of the collected data in a consumer friendly manner to your customers.

ToolChain Kit

The ToolChain kit that VeChain has developed contains an NFC scanner which is pre-loaded with the VeChain Pro and VeChain Work apps, a QR code printer for printing QR codes on demand and attaching them to your products as well as full sets of different NFC chip types enabling you to fit them to any of your products that you want, no blockchain knowledge required — just follow the simple steps within the app!

Jerome showcasing the new ToolChain kit

The ToolChain Admin Center portal also features a marketplace for various types of NFC, RFID and combo NFC/RFID chips to suit all usecases. Whether that be for soft, flexible or hard product types — select the chips that suit your needs and VeChain will ship them to your door.

VeChain’s Temperature IoT Sensor

Jerome introduces VeChain’s state of the art IoT temperature sensor at VeChain Summit 2019. The sensor outperforms current industry standard IoT temperature sensors including battery life, data storage, latency and many other areas. VeChain has been using this sensor a couple of years and is now making it accessible to everyone, through ToolChain.

VeChain’s state of the art IoT Sensor — Now available as part of ToolChain

ToolChain Whitelabel

VeChain is opening ToolChain to everyone. Everything can also be rebranded and re-skinned to make totally your own. Full API and SDK is available so you can just take parts you wish and intergrate them into your very own solution. There is even smart contract templates available. ToolChain is a completely customizable solution for everyone.

Who is ToolChain For?

According to Sarah Nabaa:

For ToolChain- as-is, it’s suitable for small businesses with no tech capabilities, can be artisanal craftsmen, businesses who manufacture products on their own (ie:honey, apparel, leather goods, craft beer, beauty products, wine etc.) to prove the authenticity & origin.

ToolChain Summary

In summary, the ToolChain Admin Center allows you to register your products, add descriptions, pictures, videos and other information you wish for your customers to see. The portal allows you to have as many instances on the blockchain as you like. To prove the origin of your products, your manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, teams can use the VeChain Work App to contribute to the story of your product along the supply chain so when the customer sees the final product, they can use the public and free to download VeChain Pro app to view the entire story of your product including proof of authenticity and origin, all in a consumer friendly interface.

For ToolChain information and enquiries, email or head over to the new VeChainWorld forum.

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