Vevue is #ContentForAll

A Blockchain-Powered Social Platform

What is Vevue?

Vevue is a next-generation social media platform designed to reward you for sharing your most authentic self. We are dedicated to empowering creativity. From feature films to restaurant reviews, we are returning control to content owners by changing how we interact with, distribute, watch, and appreciate videos.

Powered by the blockchain, we’re built for the next generation of media makers to honor their creative craft and make a difference in the world through powerful visual content.

Our token-based economic model allows anyone, anywhere to View, Earn, Participate and feel rewarded. We believe earning tokens for video in a task-driven economy is the future of content sharing.

Why is Vevue special?

We’ve reached some epic milestones proving use cases for social video on the blockchain. Last summer we launch the first-ever feature film using blockchain technology. And last fall, we made history again as we redefined how music artists go on tour using our crowdfunding-request model.

The Vevue system allows users to place or contribute to token-incentivized requests anywhere in the world. For fans, this is a new level of accessibility. They can connect with their favorite artists by asking for behind the scenes footage or for a pitstop at a town that’s not normally a tour destination. For indie artists, answering requests and interacting with fans provides additional revenue while on tour, aside from just ticket and merchandise sales. However, Vevue is for everyone, not just filmmakers and music artists.

So far we’ve partnered with great examples of how the platform can empower content creators. And even greater things are coming soon.

Where do we see Vevue in 5 years?

There’s a mass exodus happening on traditional social media platforms because of issues involving privacy, ownership and misguided algorithms. We’re using the blockchain’s transparency and accessibility to build a platform of evolved social media. Everyone should be rewarded for sharing who they are. We want everyone on Vevue.

Everyone should have the opportunity to make money for sharing their videos — immediately

…not after 10K likes. In 5 years, we want to be the global platform for authentic social video engagement. Isn’t it about time?

Get paid for engagement. The future of social media is here.

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