Hello guys, today I will discuss about a project that develops the world’s first decentralized marketing platform that is, HOQU ( https://www.hoqu.io ). First what is HOQU?


HOQU is a decentralized affiliate platform that combines a performance marketing model with blockchain technology. The goal of the project is to create a decentralized ecosystem, which will be used to build CPA services, from affiliate programs to affiliate networks and related products. HOQU integrates advertisers, networks and affiliates into one platform, significantly reducing the financial costs for all market participants. This is a platform that allows merchants and affiliates to relate directly without having to involve any third parties.

Watch introduction video: https://youtu.be/dqjTSlU9Dgs

On the HOQU platform, advertisers can easily create affiliate offers, and affiliate ad campaign results will be stored in a distributed list (blockchain). Rewards will be paid through intelligent contracts that ensure transaction honesty and transparency. An intelligent anti-fraud system developed as part of an advertiser decentralization app will not let affiliates engage in fraudulent activity, and an independent and decentralized audit center will handle emerging and controversial issues.

By 2018, HOQU plans to continue developing the project actively and update its release. There is great potential to use HOQU in the areas of cryptococcal retail and e-commerce, cryptocurrency exchanges and services, as well as affiliate programs for ICOs and tokens.


  • It is very cost effective: You always want a platform that charges you less for any transactions that you make. For Hoqu, the price will be cut by a whopping 44%. This is because it does not rely on financial institutions that are centralized and other payment services. Advertisers get to enjoy manageable expenses with Hoqu thus earning it popularity.

There are no fixed monthly payments: Unlike most online marketing platforms, Hoqu does not include a monthly charge. There are so many bills you have to settle, right? Hoqu saves advertisers a significant amount of money and curbs extreme losses just in case the products fail to make a lot of sales. With Hoqu, you are only charged for the services that you receive not those that you might receive or have not received. While others are ranting about monthly charges that might be difficult to pay, you will be busy working to increase your earnings with Hoqu.

• It is very secure: Fraud is a common disadvantage in internet marketing today. There are hackers as well, and all they want to do is reap what they didn’t sow. To prevent this, Hoqu has an enhanced way of identifying and verifying users. It uses Civil Blockchain Platform services which are very reliable. After all, no one wants to wake up one day and find their earnings at zero after working so hard to make them. Affiliates work extremely hard thus the fruits of their efforts should be protected.

• It is simple to use: Hoqu has a tracker platform that is easy to use. You do not need to pay anything for you to use it also. All you need to do is join and enjoy their unbeatable services at all times. The last thing an affiliate marketer needs is a platform that takes forever to get you permission to use it. Time is crucial in internet marketing, therefore, the easier it is to use, the better the platform. Hoqu offers just that. So if you want a quick platform to earn more at a lower cost, do not hesitate to be a member.

• It is very versatile: Most Traditional platforms had some restrictions on some niches. Hoqu, however, allows you to access its services no matter what niche your business focuses on. This gives it a wide range of users because online marketers want to advertise a wide range of products out there. With this kind of freedom, you can engage as many products as you wish to.

• Hoqu is direct: You know how annoying brokers can get while they are connecting affiliates or merchants. It can discourage you big time especially if you are a newbie in online marketing. The brokers think they know it all, but with Hoqu, the third party will be history in your online marketing dictionary. Interact directly with merchants and affiliates without involving anyone else. This will save you some money as well as time.

  • It ensures optimal profits: Once you decide to work as an affiliate marketer, you can make as much profit as you opt to. That is why you should make Hoqu your best friend. All their charges are at very low rates. Therefore, your profits will be maximized, and your earnings will automatically be high. This will motivate you to invest more, so do not hesitate; take the deal while it lasts.
  • Verdict: As an affiliate marketer or if you deal with affiliate marketers to advertise your products, Hoqu is worth every cent you wish to invest in the business. Due to the immense benefits, Hoqu is a gold mine that you cannot afford to miss, especially with the growing need for reliable platforms to use in online marketing. Forget about being hacked and let your efforts get you to a whole new level. Just play your role and Hoqu will be a partner you would never want to lose.

Mission of HOQU

The mission of this project is to make the distribution of awards in the internet affiliate market more equitable, and to set new standards of transparency and efficiency to benefit all meticulous market participants. Our goal is to provide advertisers, affiliates and affiliate networks with new services so that internet marketing becomes easy for participants, thus creating a decentralized ecosystem where market participants can interact openly.
The HOQU platform will also be useful for existing affiliate networks. The SDK will allow one to integrate the network with the platform, thereby lowering the cost to pay affiliate fees. Hosted advertiser bids on HOQU, addressed to the specific data types (leads) they are willing to pay for a specified fee. An affiliate who wants to promote an advertiser’s bid independently deploys and manages the marketing network by attracting customers. Through marketing resources (websites, call centers, outdoor advertising, etc.), Affiliates generate streams of leads that are collected and processed by tracking services for specific offers.
The tracking service creates the main data and adds important information about it to the platform (via the API or by calling the smart contract method directly). If an advertiser approves the addition of lead by calling the appropriate method of API or smart contract method directly, they will charge to lead to the account and submit it to the affiliate, without any platform commission. By endorsing its prominence, advertisers gain access to information about leads and can obtain full prospect data (with the help of a tracking service or by unpacking key data with the help of the button.)


The HOQU platform provides an opportunity to work not only with advertisers and affiliates, but also with affiliate networks. Affiliate networks can place all their offers and prospects on the platform. Any affiliates who are already working with the platform will be able to view and work with affiliate network bids without any additional adjustments.

The basic function of the platform is implemented through smart contracts whose source code is available in GitHub. The HOQU platform will have a decentralized set of applications, with the help of easily adding offerings and leads, and creating custom affiliate networks from scratch with all the advantages offered by the HOQU platform will have many preinstalled modules, as well as features that allow the creation of custom modules (plug-ins) .

An affiliate can receive prizes for different types of apps — leads, activities, installs, calls, GEA, and more. Affiliates can also have goals (assessment is done automatically) and subjective evaluation criteria (assessment is done after the tin body is evaluated by the operator). The prize amount is specified in the HOQU Platform token (HQX). The reward can have a fixed value, or it can be counted as a percentage of the value of the interested lead. It is also possible to fix lead costs on any fiat currency.

But HOQU is not just a platform for CPA marketing, it’s also a wider affiliate platform, because HOQU is not limited to internet marketing. It is possible to use other media for advertising, such as television, outdoor advertising, printing, radio, transport advertising and more. The revenue potential of these instructions for the HOQU platform is not taken into account in the financial model, but will be present in actual platform operations.

HOQU recognizes that traditional affiliate networks now only work with currency only. However, the possibility to buy goods and services for crypto is growing rapidly The crypto industry is a new and fast-growing market, and HOQU can offer new possibilities to its participants. Of course, the existence of ethereum wallets and the need for intelligent contract use impose certain restrictions on system participants, requiring them to have adequate technical and resource expertise.

HOQU will accommodate network participants who are not ready to build their own technical solutions using the HOQU SDK. HOQU will offer a simpler and more intuitive web-based application, a server aspect that recognizes all of the above logic and discusses smart contract methods using API services. This does not violate the principle of openness and decentralization, as all operations will continue through blockchain, but through the HOQU API. Platform participants can then get an account on the HOQU system, adding the required budget using a convenient currency and starting to work using the 

* Using HOQU, advertisers work directly with affiliates and save about 44% of their advertising budgets.

* The HOQU Commission for a 0.5% constituent agreement.

The advent of blockchain projects such as AdEx, qChain, adChain and Papyrus prove the great potential of the blockchain industry. However, traditional ad exchange transfers to the blockchain system, offered by this project will not fundamentally change the way the market works. Sooner or later, the classic model will result in marketing performance and one of the most effective models, namely — affiliate marketing.

HOQU focuses on effective interaction with professional marketers and industry experts, with whom HOQU will create one of the best marketing blockchain platforms in the world. Advertisers will be able to increase the effectiveness of their ad campaigns, and affiliates and affiliate networks will gain immediate access to the customer base. HOQU provides an affiliate network with cheap infrastructure that is technologically superior to its peers. There is no other blockchain-based affiliate network with a smart contract system on the market.

Read more via: https://www.hoqu.io/whitepaper/

Thanks to blockchain marketing and technology performance, HOQU is now on the verge of building a new market for Internet advertising, where its budget is the most efficient expense for effective customer engagement with greater benefits for those involved in facilitating the transition. HOQU pioneers entering the market will cause radical changes in the industry. HOQU expert analysis has shown that these changes are in accordance with the needs of market participants, and that new technologies enable technical grouping at the same quality level. 
With the introduction of unstoppable blockchain technology into more business areas (finance, tourism, real estate, etc.), a new multi-billion dollar market will be available.

HOQU pioneered the creation of a profitable platform that will help bring new opportunities to all parties involved by making marketing an easily accessible and more attractive business. By investing in the creation of HOQU on the market, participants will automatically gain access to the widespread and untapped benefits of decentralized marketing potential.


The HOQU Token (HQX) will be issued according to the ERC20 standard on the Ethereal blockchain. The number of tokens issued will be 888,888,000 HQX, and no new tokens will be issued. The token assigned to the team will be frozen for 6 months, with a further gradual defrosting of 10% per quarter of the original amount.

  • Token: HQX
  • Amount of emission: 888,888,000 HQX
  • Total amount to sell: 65% of issuance tokens or 577,777,200 HQX
  • 4% Private Sale of sold token or 23,111,088 HQX
  • 6% Pre-sold token sold or 34,666,632 HQX
  • 90% Sale of sold tokens or 519,999,480 HQX
  • Currency received: Etereum (ETH)
  • Total Hard Cap: 104.684


Sale on Date: 13.11.2017–20.11.2017

  • Pre-ICO Sales Volume: 34,666,632 HQX
  • Hard Cap on Pre-ICO: 4,952 ETH
  • Purchase Price: 1 ETH = 7000 HQX (inclusive of rebates)
  • Minimum Purchase Transaction: 50 ET
  • Maximum Purchase Transaction: Unlimited Rebate: Discount is 40% of the price at sale

ICO Sales:

ICO Sale Date: 27.11.2017–26.12.2017

  • Sales Volume on ICO Sales: 519,999,480 HQX
  • Hard stamp on ICO Sales: 97,421 ETH
  • ICO lifetime price: 1 HQX ​​= 0,0002 ETH; 1 ETH = 5000
  • Minimum Purchase Transaction HQX: 0.1 ETH
  • Maximum Purchase Transaction: Unlimited


Alexei Shmonov formed Hoqu along with professional Russian engineers and marketers. Since its establishment, Hoqu has seen the adoption of blockchain technology become much more accessible and at the same time ensured that affiliates make as much profit as they would wish to. Indeed great projects need a great team too. HOQU has a team of highly skilled and intelligent people who constantly strive to make the platform a standard center for community members to understand the essence of advanced marketing technology.

Want to know more about HOQU? VISIT:

Official Webpage: https://www.hoqu.io/

Whitepaper: https://www.hoqu.io/whitepaper/
Bitcointalk ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2254411
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HOQU_IO
Facebook: https: //www.facebook.com/HOQUio

My Bitcointalk Profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1048662

My Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoKb8l6T6TN3dk9_9CvTnvw

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