INS Connecting Manufacturers and Buyers Directly

Distribution channels are usually through wholesalers before reaching to retailers. From this retailer the product will reach consumers

The term wholesaler is only used on merchant traders associated with large trading activities and usually does not serve retail sales to end consumers.

Distribution channels like this are old models. When social media and the internet are accessible to everyone, people will look for cheaper products. By dealing directly with manufactures, one can obtain products at factory prices.

Such models require non-agent connecting media. INS offers a breakthrough for connecting grocery manufacturers with consumers directly.

INS will enable consumers to buy high-quality groceries at cheaper prices and receive direct rewards from manufacturers, thus driving consumers to buy groceries ​online ​with ​convenience.

Ins is a platform economy that connects many parties ranging from producers, workers, operators, couriers and buyers.

Ins Working System is an application of blockchain smart contract. Blockchain is a shared-database technology, mostly popular for underpinning bitcoin digital currency. It works with linked databases that update digital ledgers unceasingly.

Ins users can use some methodes of payment such as BTC, ETH, INS and fiats. This will help all users to make transaction easier and safer. By using cryptocurrencies Ins users will be able to send money securely.

Ins is a marketplace that connects the manufacturers to the consumers directly.This platform also provides rewards to users, as well as referral system. Like marketplaces that already exist for example Amazon, ebay and Lazada, Ins provide added value with the application of blockchain smart contract.An innovation in the field of cryptocurrency with blockchain technology will change the spending patterns of many people.

ICO- INS Token Crowdsale

The token sale will begin 11:00 ​AM ​(GMT) ​on November ​27, ​2017 Payment ​methods: ​BTC, ​ETH, ​LTC, ​DASH, ​USD ​(bank ​transfer) Target: ​150,000 ​ETH Soft ​cap: 30,000 ​ETH Hard ​cap: ​200,000 ​ETH Token ​exchange ​rate: ​1 ​ETH ​= ​300 ​INS ​tokens Total ​token ​supply: 150,000,000 Min ​purchase: 0.1 ​ETH

  1. No ​token ​creation, ​minting ​or ​mining ​after ​the ​end ​of ​the ​ICO ​period

2. Tokens ​will ​be ​transferable ​once ​the ​ICO ​is ​completed

3. If ​the ​soft ​cap ​is ​not ​reached, ​funds ​will ​be ​returned ​to ​the ​participants

4. Upon ​reaching ​the ​target, ​the ​ICO ​will ​last ​for ​not ​more ​than ​7 ​extra ​days

5. Upon ​reaching ​the ​hard ​cap, ​the ​ICO ​will ​end ​immediately

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