AltConf Speaker Series // Greg Heo

One of the best things about AltConf (or at least we think so), is the extent our community contributes and forms our content. It keeps the content fresh and diverse.

We’re always looking for ways to inspire and encourage more of you to sign up to get involved, so what better than to hear from some of our past contributors, on why they chose to get involved. We’ll be publishing a series of interviews with past speakers, to hear about their AltConf experience.

First up, we talked to Greg Heo:

By day, Greg is an iOS Engineer at Topology Eyewear, where he virtually measures heads and renders perfectly-fitting glasses onto faces. Otherwise, he’s taking photographs of the hills and staircases of San Francisco, or writing about Swift at

Greg delivered a talk at AltConf 2017 on view controllers (watch the video here), the result of a successful submission in our 2017 Call for Speakers…

Greg, tell us about your AltConf/WWDC experiences.

I got my first WWDC ticket in 2017, but I’ve been attending AltConf for the past three years. Last year I spoke about view controllers at AltConf and am definitely planning on submitting a proposal again this year.

Why did you decide to get involved in AltConf, and what did you find most valuable about the experience? What did you learn from participating?

As a serial WWDC ticket lottery non-winner (until last year) I loved having an alternate stream of content. Hearing from a worldwide pool of speakers and learning what they’re up to is invaluable, especially alongside all the latest and greatest announcements and sessions from Apple.

Since WWDC and AltConf are physically so close (across the street, or literally next door) there’s a good flow of people going back and forth. Even without a WWDC ticket I never had trouble meeting up with folks I wanted to meet.

What’s your favourite thing about AltConf?

It’s always about the people. There’s no other time when so many Apple fans and developers are together in one place.

So much of our community runs online, via Slack or podcasts or Twitter, and it’s such a treat to finally put real human faces to the names and confirm they’re not bots after all. You can stay at home and watch the announcements and live streams, but there’s something magical about being there in person with everyone else.

And finally, what would you like to see happen at this year’s AltConf?

A Craig Federighi appearance.

Whilst we work on that Craig Federighi appearance 😉, why not sign up to talk at this year’s AltConf. Our Call for Speakers is open until April 28th, midnight PDT.

p.s. Look our for part two of our Speaker Series coming soon!

AltConf 2018 will be held June 4–7th, at the San Jose Marriott, 301 S. Market St, San Jose, CA. Follow us on Twitter @altconference for more updates.