Let’s Lab it Up.

ICYMI when we announced our return a few weeks ago, we mentioned that we were bringing AltLabs back. What are AltLabs, we hear you say? 🤨 Are they alternative labs? Can anyone get involved?


AltLabs are labs at AltConf. They’re a place to get expert advice 🤓, discuss ideas 💡, and learn something 🆕. You can get hands-on help with a wide range of subjects 📚, covering everything from dependency management to design patterns.


We’re looking for people to host a lab where they will answer questions, share knowledge, and give individual guidance. You can submit topics you’re interested in hosting.

Our Call for Participation is now open until April 28th, midnight PDT — you can sign up now!

If you’re not interested in hosting, but have a subject area you’d really like to see covered, follow the same link and let us know what you’re interested in, we’ll see what we can do!

The labs space will also be an open place for you to come and do work, throughout the week.

🎉🎉 Extra special news 🎉🎉

We’re delighted to announce that IBM are this year’s AltLabs sponsor! They’re also holding a few of their own labs too — keep an eye out for more details to follow.

A reminder that if AltLabs isn’t your thing, you can still sign up for any of the following:

Tickets: http://altconf.com/#tickets (free tickets, tickets that get your swag and priority access, tickets to live podcasts — we’ve got you covered).

Speaking: Open until April 28th midnight PDT, we can also sign up for the opportunity to give a talk. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScK_Lhv0S1K9hMhEKxnkk72aYsc8jMevx9WIKf82OXTEzbfaA/viewform

Volunteering: if helping out is your thing, get in touch! We’d love a few extra pairs of hands to help — however much (or little) you might be able to help out — sign up here.

AltConf 2018 will be held June 4–7th, at the San Jose Marriott, 301 S. Market St, San Jose, CA. Follow us on Twitter @altconference for more updates.

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