AltDex Cryptocurrency Indices: February 2019 Rebalance

Here is the data associated with the February 1 rebalance.

On the first of each month, we rebalance our indices to fit the ever-evolving cryptocurrency markets. These rebalances are conducted according to the criteria initially developed at the launch of AltDex.

For this rebalance, we adjusted the market cap minimum to $5 million for both the ALTPRV and ALTMSN to account for market conditions.

AltDex 100 Index (ALT100)

The AltDex 100 is a benchmark for the top-100 large-cap cryptocurrencies and tokens (not including stablecoins).

  • Number of Constituents: 100
  • Trailing 30-day average for daily trading volume must be higher than $100,000.

Coins/Tokens Added: Enjin, Chain, DENT, TenX, NULS

Coins/Tokens Removed: SingularENT, Enigma, Eidoo, Mithril, Storj, Bitcoin Private, Project Pai

% Return (December): -13.1%

AltDex Exchange Token Index (ALTEXC)

The AltDex Exchange Token Index tracks the industry’s leading crypto exchange tokens.

  • Number of Constituents: 22
  • Market capitalization greater than $5,000,000.

Coins/Tokens Added: Trade Token X

Coins/Tokens Removed: LGO Exchange, Cobinhood

% Return (December): -8.3%

AltDex Privacy Coin Index (ALTPRV)

The AltDex Privacy Coin Index tracks cryptocurrencies and tokens focused on privacy or security.

  • Number of Constituents: 16
  • Market capitalization greater than $5,000,000.

Coins/Tokens Added: N/A

Coins/Tokens Removed: N/A

% Return (December): -10.5%

AltDex Masternode Index (ALTMSN)

The AltDex Masternode Index tracks cryptocurrencies that leverage masternodes to support network functionality without hyperinflation.

  • Number of Constituents: 15
  • Market capitalization greater than $5,000,000.

Coins/Tokens Added: N/A

Coins/Tokens Removed: Energi

% Return (December): -13.4%

The AltDex indices went live on July 9, 2018, and are actively monitored by the managing team.

*Note: No rebalance took place in November 2018 as index constituents remained fairly consistent

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