Uncertainty is the only Certainty

Life is constantly uncertain. About life you can have a million doubts. “Will I become rich or not? Will I become educated or not? Will I become enlightened or not?” But death is a hundred percent certainty. There is no doubt about that. With death, there is no question. So, why sit on uncertainty instead of certainty? If you knew that you are like a flower that blooms in the morning and dies in the evening then you would not miss a single flower on the way. If you look at death, it will put…

Every business is vulnerable to threats like running out of cash or getting outcompeted, but too few entrepreneurs consider simply becoming irrelevant as technology and trends advance. Business environments are always evolving, with new technologies on the horizon and constantly changing consumer demands and preferences wreaking havoc on the best-laid plans. If you want your business to have the best possible chance to survive, you need to future-proof it.

Future Proofing is the process of anticipating possible future scenarios and developing methods of minimizing the effects of shocks and stress of future events.

To anticipate any future, we need to…

Jump starting your people analytics capability

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

— Vincent van Gogh

Technology provides a competitive edge when it comes to analyzing the value of talent within an organization. Although there is a lot of talk about Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning, “small data” can offer a significant amount of insight if used correctly.

When it comes to people analytics, there just aren’t sufficient data points to collect about employees that provide a large enough data sample to apply “Big Data” techniques. This is a quality, not a quantity, issue. Identifying the right data…

In the present scenario COVID has very high impact on our lifestyle and above all it will impact the way we grow and develop our soft skills in the future. Education system is totally disturbed and many questions are hovering above our head. Is remote way of learning a trend or will it be “only” a new way to add to present pedagogical solutions? What are the dangers of believing that the “remote way” will be the way?


GetBoarded conducted a week-long summit around emerging technologies and shifts for the future.

The Alternate Future summit is an initiative designed to encourage a conversation between the corporate world, the education world, and the other ecosystems which includes start-up communities, technologists, and government representatives to unite and define the future as they see it. This conference aims to collaboratively find sustainable solutions that help large scale recovery to define a better and more hopeful post-pandemic world.

The conference is segmented into speaker sessions as follows:




Alternate Future

The Alternate Future Summit 2020

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