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Impact investing for science

Boundary Impact Ventures introduces an alternative asset thesis leveraging impact investing principles focused on science and technology.

Science Funnel

At Boundary Impact Ventures, we seek to invest in projects that fall within the “Valley of Death” (VoD) funding gap in the science funnel. Practically, this means we target projects with risk-profiles that are too late for traditional grant funding, but too early for traditional venture capital.

We believe that these types of projects require funding structures and investors willing blend ideas from conventional philanthropy, venture capital and private equity. Some might call this impact investing for science.

At the heart of our investment thesis is an understanding of how the entire science funding ecosystem works, and in particular, and around how risk is perceived and underwritten at each stage. We will use this expertise to uncover under-priced and misunderstood investment opportunities tied to scientific breakthroughs.

Our fund structure is modular, and by nature of our thesis, leverages non-traditional channels to find the most interesting deal flow. We commit to working as partners with scientist-entrepreneurs. Our diverse LP base also allows for flexibility in pursuing different funding structures depending on the risk being funded — from debt, equity, to royalty-based agreements to maximize chances for project success.

Our long term vision is to create an alternative asset class centered entirely around scientific breakthroughs; and in the process enable some of the smartest people to make an impact.

Recently, we’ve been exploring the use of cryptocurrencies and tokens, and tokenomics models, to fund long-dated risks. Please see our newest fund thesis for more information.