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I wake up next to a school

Today I woke up near a school. I was surprised to hear the excited voices of children. It seemed quite a wholesome scene. To a child’s mind, the world isn’t such a bad place after all. Mostly, as a vagrant in the big city the day just brings bad things. But this was a rather healthy scene. This is a particularly good school, in a middle-class neighborhood.

We have a free, open, competitive society. And in that society most of the things these adults come up with are dispiriting and hollow — like a building in Hollywood, Fl. in the shape of a guitar. Well, I am watching television at the Chevron-restaurant now and that’s what I am seeing. “Hard Rock Hotel” is a huge business based on commercialization. They are exploiting music — music is not a building in the shape of a guitar, it is a sound that comes from a phonograph needle when you put it down into a groove. These “records” were essential to the history of music in the 20th century. But, now the music is gone. All that’s left is the money that was generated and that goes ‘round and ‘round like a phonograph record.

Of course if anybody believed me I would not be homeless. But that’s what happens to creative people in this period.

If you have a good childhood — ? ~you can have a chance. I was happy to hear the voices of those kids this morning.

I’ll have to change my spot for tomorrow.

Because the school police are there too.

American Vignette [addendum]

But why didn’t society develop in a healthy direction? How did it happen that all that freedom and competition failed to result in good choices being made?

What developed — ? ~was it a world in which money ruled and the rich are supposedly enjoying themselves in hollow guitars — ? When they are not waking up in a guitar they are sitting by the pool. Supposedly so.

Let’s go for an answer to the great thinker, Smith. “It is not from benevolence of the butcher, the baker, or the brewer that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest.” How do we see any fellow human being — ? ~somebody else calculating his or her own benefit. This is contrary to all the spiritual teachings of millennia. And you expected a good society out of that?

Which variety of commercial marijuana were you smoking? “Look out,” says Jim Cramer on CNBC. (I watch it in this café as I write) Stocks are set to tumble. Yesterday was Martin Luther King, Jr. day. A brief vacation from commerciality. We look up to King as a hero. For a day, and then we go back to money as the only thing anyone cares about.

Butcher, baker, — whatever. They are all now rolled into one shape. That of a hollow guitar.

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