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You have surely heard about the concept of the expert voice and the importance of working and caring for it. When we speak of an expert voice, we are not only referring to the skills or professional practices that are very important, but also to the combination of skills and experiences that define you as a professional.

An expert voice is also a personal brand and as such, you must take care of its image, its personality, its tone and obviously the knowledge that you want to share, in a word, your identity.

With the penetrating influence of new technologies and social networks, it is more than necessary to offer a professional profile to third parties, capable of offering a transparent message about your identity and values.

I should clarify that a professional profile has certain differential aspects regarding the personal profile, but although many do not believe it, they are not too distant from each other.

To connect with your audience, you must consider several aspects to generate more trust; You must be real, empathetic, and human.

But why is it so important today to have a professional profile on social networks to sell your services or products, or to make yourself known as a scholar on a specific topic?

To reach more people, the best way to do it is through digital media. If you also want to sell yourself as an expert voice, you will need to make an even greater effort than a job seeker, because your job is to make yourself and your ideas known.

Considering the above, I want to share with you several practical tips, hoping that you find in them the impulse to stay active in the networks, share content of interest and improve your positioning, Personal Brand and your professional visibility in any field in which you work.

1. Define your what, why, and what.

Basically, this is your differentiator compared to other experts.

The dictionary says that an expert is a person who is very knowledgeable about or skilful in a particular area. That area is the one that you must define.

You cannot be an expert in everything you must specialize.

Once you know what, ask yourself, why do you want to be or prove to be an expert in this field? That will define your path and professional ethics.

Deciding what you want to use that expertise for is what will end up creating your differentiator from other competing experts, because it will show your future followers or employers that what you do you do for a purpose, not just for money (remember, money it is not an end, it is a consequence of doing things well).

2. Define the where; What social networks are you going to use.

  • LinkedIn if you are a professional looking for B2B companies
  • Instagram to position your brand and build trust
  • Facebook to create community
  • Twitter to generate discussion
  • YouTube to teach how to do something or position yourself better in search engines
  • Podcasts. Although they are not a social network, they can generate community around them.

3. Unify your name and photo on all social networks

Seek to have a homologous name for all your social networks. You can add the official word at the end and that will make it easier for you not to have many brand competitors.

When they look for you, they will see that you have a coherent and unified image. Keep in mind that the photos must be without confusing backgrounds or many elements around you. Ideally, it should be a header photo, smiling, friendly and warm.

Remember that the way they usually look for you is through mobile, and there the visibility decreases considerably.

4. Develop a description for success.

What will be the value contribution of your personal brand to your community?

This is where you should capture the attention of your prospect.

Taking the brand slogan from Forbes Magazine. “Nothing personal, just business”.

Avoid saying that you are someone’s proud mother, religious or political phrases that can generate controversy.

When a prospect finds you online, they will want to know how you are going to help them solve their problems, not what you are selling.

5. Combine personal and professional content

People trust people, not brands, unless they are highly positioned.

Personal content will give you empathy with your prospect.

Not all networks should have the same content composition. I suggest you mix it up depending on your audience in each social network and its aim.

Let’s see an example of how you can combine your content depending on the social network.

  • LinkedIn 80% Professional — 20% personal.
  • Instagram 20% professional — 80% personal
  • Facebook 50% professional — 50% personal
  • Twitter 70% professional — 30% personal

6. Don’t be addicted to metrics

Likes and comments are not the way to increase your business opportunities. Those who buy followers and likes generate greater distrust because the number of followers does not match your true frequencies of interaction.

The one who seeks likes, seeks approval from others, but you, you are an expert. Others must seek your validation, not the other way around.

7. Power up the story tools

Use them to share some of your personal content because it works very well there. Inspiring phrases or lifestyle content, connecting the stories with content from other social networks will give you greater reach.

Tell a story, do not expect to be contacted for your stories, motivate the audience to interact by asking questions or surveys.

Enhancing personal image in networks is essential, whether you work in a company or B2B business, since business between companies is carried out between buyer and seller, this ultimately makes you more human, so it is essential that you include this tactic within your digital strategy.

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

8. Create a publication calendar

Organization is the key to exposing your knowledge.
You must be clear about the frequency with which you want or can publish.
My advice?, define a monthly topic that you want to talk about and generate at least one piece of content of great value, be it a podcast, a video or a writing.

Once you have this piece, you can use it to create derivative pieces, either with aligned themes or with excerpts from that major piece that you already created.

You can publish each of these additional pieces of content in different formats than the key piece. You can use infographics, images or text extracts.
With these pieces created, you can define in your calendar when, at what time, and on which network to publish.

This does not imply that you cannot talk about other topics that you do not have programmed, the more you generate conversation the better, but this way, you can have a publication plan according to what you want to achieve.

9. Create valuable content

The key is to generate content that can be useful for your network.

To achieve this, I suggest you think about them from the perspective of your audience -which will not be the same as yours-, and from there, articulate a series of resources, such as frequent updates, publish an article, share something from third parties and add your comment.

Add your opinion on a topic of your specialty and add valuable resources to make your profile a collaborative space.

10. Even if you have a job, make your “Personal Branding” permanently

Many CEOs, professionals and teams from various industries have little interest in taking advantage of a social network for professional purposes: “I already have a job,” they say.

And so they present a totally lackluster profile, with old personal photos, information that is not updated, without validation of skills and, much less, their own content.

This is a serious mistake, since today you have a job; but maybe not tomorrow.
Re-activating yourself online will take at least six months to a year for you to gain visibility in the market.

Why do it, desperately, at that moment? My suggestion is that you do it day by day; that you share and interact. That you verify the contacts, add, recommend and recognize valuable people; and this will be returned to you multiplied.

I also recommend that, if you have a job, or start and lead your business, you share corporate content in your professional network: it is a magnificent gesture of loyalty and accompaniment to the source of your income.

11. Pass on your values ​​and differentials.

When you post, imagine what it would mean to others just starting out in their professional careers, if someone with experience could guide and accompany them, or simply congratulate them and send them a word of encouragement. That can be you (starting, or already advanced in your career).

Therefore, always keep in mind that there is a high perceived value because you transmit your personal and professional values, and your differentials: that fingerprint, your “Personal Brand” as we currently call it, that distinguishes you from the millions of colleagues in the world.

12. Define your goals

Te recomiendo usar la técnica de creación de objetivos SMART, para que puedas tener objetivos claros y alcanzables siempre. Puedes aprender a crearlos leyendo mi publicación al respecto.

I put it last so that it remains engraved in your mind. Without objectives, there is no plan.
Define where you want to go, what you want to achieve, how you want to see yourself in a given time and develop your strategy based on these objectives.

If you don’t know where you are going, you will never know how to get there.

I recommend using the SMART goal creation technique, so that you can always have clear and achievable goals. You can learn how to create them by reading my post about it. Click here.

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