Howard Stern and the Higgs Boson

Never Imagined Howard and Stephen Hawking Together? Ha. You’re Welcome.

Higgs boson produced after two protons collide. (Image credit: CERN)

Here is the reveal you should all be watching for. There will be only ONE “crossover” guest between Howard Stern and Gayle King in the coming months.

That is me. Then.

This is me. Now.

Remember the fear of the God Particle exploding the universe? I understand if you don’t — it was about six mass media panic cycles ago, somewhere after killer insects and terrorists.

It’s understandable that you don’t. The story of Howard Stern’s role in all of this will continue after the link to the refresher article.

(There was serious concern that discovery of Higgs Boson would end, well, Reality, basically. Supposedly Hawking wasn’t a fraud. Supposedly.)…

There were fears of a black hole opening up over Long Island. Guess what. It had already happened by the time the above article was published. In fact, by the time someone somewhere (or anyone anywhere, your choice [binary]) can imagine something, it has already happened somewhere else on Earth. In this case, Long Island. Well-meaning or not-well meaning (binary) nerds might try to impress you with “quantum entanglement.” That’s the longer song for the same phenomenon. In fact, your imagining the thing causes it to occur, through someone, somewhere on the planet. I have all the evidence to prove this to you. I beat our Great* Gov to it.

Howard Stern opened the universe in 1998 when he and his collaborator John Stamos offered up the instances of Aphrodite in their possession at the time to the masturbatory enjoyment of the United States of America.

“Rebecca Romijn and Beth Ostrosky in 1998”, NFT by Neddy Bly

During this time, Howard hacked the universe, unknowingly, narrowly avoiding humanity’s demise at the hands of well-meaning scientists (turns out Hawking not a nut job. Who knew?)

Here is hHoward did it:

Fuck | Marry | Kill

The above is a ternary statement. Computers (recall, the term “computer” was coined in reference to women) can run this. All humans nominated by Howard Stern must be one of the three options in the ternary (means “composed of three items”; next in the sequence after “binary”). They could not exist outside the bounds of those conditions after Howard Stern and his collaborators had labelled them. Someone necessarily became Fuck or Marry or Kill in one million minds at the same time.

That is powerful shit.

Stop for a second. Yes. You! Reader.


Think about that. One million minds generating the same thought (thought requires energy, energy must be “generated”) at the same time.

Howard Stern reshaped reality, in that moment. He hypnotized us all. And one million are still under it. We all, in sync, thought the SAME thought about those he nominated. AT THE SAME TIME.

You dig?

I have tracked the lives of these individuals SINCE that day. The results are astounding.

Do you know who he learned this game from? Remember who Howard’s #1 guest and NYC party buddy was?

Think about it. Who was the last person to hypnotize the world (either “insanely” for or “insanely” against?) Yes, Howard Stern naively used a game he learned at Cipriani from #DonaldTrump.

But #DonaldTrump’s rise is not the story. The story is that in the power of ternary lies the mechanics to transform the world. Hmm. Three parts?

The energy that imagining #FuckMarryKill together at the same time is what we need to educate each other about. We have spells all wrong. Somewhere between cause and effect lies energy. We can harness and redirect that energy for ourselves or others.

Imagine what’s possible if we all knew how to cast spells? Imagine if that was what bound us all, made us human?

“New York City in 80’s Shaped Entire World by 2000’s, i.e. Higgs Boson Blackhole”, NFT by Neddy Bly

There’s so much more to say.

I love coffee. It makes me tell all.



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