It’s All Personal

Thanks for giving a shit :)

I work a dish job five days out of the week and write about the life I live. It may not matter to most but it means a sliver to some, so that makes my time here worth it.

Maybe if I didn’t write graffiti I wouldn’t be so comfortable contributing to the void. At least my words on this wall will last longer than the ones I put on the street.

I can probably find a better niche with a wider audience so I can leave my desk feeling satisfied, then go watch some bullshit on a +Channel comfortably , or sip a latte and eavesdrop at a coffee shop to call it “research”. Instead, I stick to what I know, photograph what I see and have a real experience.

The literary professors convinced us that the introspective is a sin because their own existence is dull and crammed with pretentious ideas. Some of you spent too much time in a classroom assuming what’s out the window and it shows, horribly.

Anyone here making moves on their own terms, I salute you. Keep the fire burning and stay true to yourself, cause that’s a rare thing these days.

Forgive me if this post was brief, I still have to shower, re-up on Keurig pods and clock in at the bistro. Thank you Alternative Perspectives for giving me a podium to vent a bit and much love to everyone who shows support.

I’ll leave this with ‘Play Your Game’ a track by Trevor Something (In Your Brain, LLC)



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