My Morning Routine Was Stolen

Two stone planters, an ashtray, a pack of smokes, and a pair of readers

The planters looked a bit like this, albeit they had live cacti in them. Photo by author.

I probably have the most unhealthy morning routine of any I’ve heard. But hey, I’m a writer and retired. (The retired part depends on you, Medium!) I usually do what I damn well please.

What do I do? Brew a cup of java, then go to my front patio for quality time with my phone — morning briefing if you will. I also…




No niche — just a blend of compelling stories and authentic personalities, each one written from a unique point of view

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Arthur Keith

Arthur Keith

I’m niche-less! I focus on about a dozen subjects, so surely you’ll find something you like. My goal is to inform, educate, and hopefully entertain you.

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