Mixed media acrylic painting on canvas. Depicts an abstracted landscape using violets, cerulean blue for land mass and pale pinks and oranges for the sky.
g, acrylic on canvas created by Michelle Lindblom

Redefining Family and Why Now?

Because We Are All Suffocating and So is the Earth

Early Musings

In my 20’s and early 30’s, I had little desire to raise a family. The reasons were plenty. But the main apprehension being a general unease about a society that promotes outdated traditions and beliefs systems. That edginess I felt is unchanged. And it has only been fortified as…




No niche — just a blend of compelling stories and authentic personalities, each one written from a unique point of view

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M Lindblom

M Lindblom

Connecting, weaving and revealing my soul through writing and art.

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