5 Types Of Travel Companions That You Need To Avoid, Now!

At times, you will be thinking should I embark on that trip on my own, or seek out friends to head together? Having companions along the way definitely, has its many benefits. These range from having someone to chat with, to discuss the travelling routes, to share the joy, to share the calories (yes, I am talking about all those glorious local food), to have someone to take photos with (or to take your photos for that matter).

It’s funny how you thought this pal of yours could be the perfect travel buddy because obviously you have “tested” grounds under different circumstances and felt absolutely comfortable and whose company you had thoroughly enjoyed before embarking on a trip together.

However certain traits in a person/persons might leave you thinking twice about embarking on that holy grail together and pack your own bags instead. Sweet-turned-sour? Plenty!!

So, here’s a look at five different travel companions you should definitely avoid if you do not want to commit the crime of breaking someone’s neck and do want to end a trip on a sane and harmonious note.

1. The ‘Anything’ Companion

Now, imagine you are on a trip together and it is only right ( or so you thought) to seek your companion’s opinions and wishes on things to do together? But the only response you get from him/her when you ask for their opinion is “Anything!” So the conversation would pretty much be like

“ So, what do you think we should do today?”


“Do you want to grab some ice cream?”


Though some may actually prefer to be the one in control but others like me will want to pull out their hair whenever a query meets with ‘Anything’ as a response. It can really be taxing for one party to constantly seek the opinion of the other and make decisions for the both of you/everyone else. This is especially trueif no one voices out or offers to take charge of the next plan. I mean come on, if that’s the case one might as well be travelling solo, right?

Of course, the polar side of things will be the possessive, controlling freak who will always be dictating where, when and how you guys need to head out and the likes. You get the idea, right?

2. The Unadventurous companion

Despite being quite a ‘structured’ traveler myself when it comes to planning, I have always enjoyed the elements of surprises and spontaneity when it comes to travelling. Isn’t that what travelling is all about?

And I am not even talking about doing the extremes like sky diving, snake petting and the likes but just day to day encounters -like exploring a city out at night (of course if the city is not notorious for being unsafe), joining the locals in celebrations if we happen to encounter one on the way, standing and witnessing a long local practice — are some things that your companion might not be willing to participate in. Spur of the moments are a norm on trips and if such opportunities are not taken advantage of, one might end up losing this precious moment forever. Hence, having to accommodate your travel partners’ constant “unwillingness” is indeed tiring.

3. The ‘Missing my boyfriend/girlfriend’ companion

I know, in today’s age and time we are constantly hung up on our phones, doing all sorts of things — Instagram, Facebook Live, Whatsapp etc. — as soon as we have access to the internet. However, to travel with someone who is always on the phone with their other half can be really infuriating. So if you happen to travel with someone who is always on the phone with their partner, instead of enjoying the sights and sounds of the travel destination, I just have one advice for you.

Ditch them and run!

4. The ‘Photo King/Queen’ companion

Step 1: Click your travel companion’s photo (on their request mostly).

Step 2: Repeat that 10 times per shot.

Sure we all want that best shot of ourselves and I more than willing to take that for my travel buddy. But, if your travel companion keeps asking you to take a hundred (Okay, I am exaggerating a bit here) shots of the same frame just because the photo happens to ‘look slanted’ or ‘my shirt is out of place’, it really does get extremely irritating, especially when the pictures are decently good and in no way out of focus or blurred. It’s in times like these that I feel like screeching, ‘There are photo editing software’s, remember?’ The last straw? When they get pissed because you are complaining about taking the same shot at least 7–8 times. So what can you do, you ask? Throw his/ her camera into the sea? If that’s taking things a tad too far, I would suggest that you solemnly swear never to go travelling with this person again ever, if you wish to keep yourself sane.

5. ‘Have Each Other’s Back’ (Not) Companion

Travel buddies are supposed to look out for each other but that might not always be the case. Case in point, I had a fall and a deep gash on my knee from a slippery surface (mainly due to the wrong choice of footwear). Instead of attending to me or even offering me a plaster, my companion was more interested in taking a selfie with the scenery!

So next time you plan to go travelling, make sure you chose your travel companion wisely or better still travel solo because few things can be as empowering as taking a solo voyage around the world.

Jiahui is an Asian female traveller who loves to share about her travel hacks and is always lusting on where to go next. If she is not travelling the world then she will be out there snapping around with her camera in her homeland − Singapore. Join her on all her expeditions!

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