8 Queer Friendly Destinations Of The World

To be honest, the reactions of most countries of the world still range from discomfort to downright disgust, when it comes to the debate on sexual and gender orientation. It is an uphill battle against changing stifling cultural and social norms. But, we can still celebrate. Here’s a list of destinations that we love and are pretty much perfect for the LGBTQ community as well!

1. Spain

Spain though primarily a Catholic country, has been voted the most LGBT-friendly country according to a poll by Pew Research Center. The Spanish believe that homosexual love is morally acceptable and the country was the first to make gay marriages legal a decade ago. Hence LGBT Rights are widely accepted around the country. The coastal city of Sitges, which lies about 47 miles from the city of Barcelona, is home to the first ever-Queer Disco in Spain.

Barceloneta Beach

Beaches such as the Barceloneta, Playa los Muertos, festivals such as the Madrid Pride, as well as several gay friendly nightclubs makes the country the most queer-friendly travel destination on our list.

2. Germany

Another European nation that is extremely tolerant of the LGBT Community is Germany. This is obviously evident by the great numbers of gay and lesbian festivals that are held throughout the year in Germany. Owing to pro LGBT Legislation and an ambiance of mutual respect for one’s choices, Germany is hence one of the most Queer friendly countries across the globe. Cologne vied to be the gayest city in the country in 2010, while Travel Germany has a section that covers LGBT events extensively.

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3. Denmark

Denmark is the first nation to have legalized same-sex relationships way back in 1933 and the first country to recognize and provide legal recognition to same sex-partnerships. The nation also completely bans any form of discrimination on the basis of one’s sexual orientation and same sex couples have been allowed to jointly adopt since the last 6 years.

The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen is home to Europe’s oldest openly gay bar and the city’s packed calendar of queer events, make it one of friendliest places.

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4. South Africa

This country was the fifth in the world and first in Africa to legalize same-sex marriage. Given the countries extravagant choices for holiday options owing to its picturesque locales, South Africa also has a frisky nightlife that’s popular in the LGBTQ community.

Cape town, which is considered one of the gay capitals of the World, is a wanderlusts delight, having something to offer for each and every tourist, including the queer, especially in the De Waterkant area. Be sure to check out Gaycities before you travel. It has a great guide on Cape Town.

5. England

With the inception of the 21st century, LGBT rights in England have increasingly garnered support. Today LGBT citizens have equal legal rights as Non-LGBT citizens and the country extends an environment of complete liberty and human rights to all its citizens irrespective of their sexual preference.

London’s LGBT scene is indeed one of the best in the world with the city boasting of several tours, events, clubs, bars and parties exclusively for the LGBT community. The posh locality of Soho in Central London is a brilliant place to find live entertainment, delicious food and trendy nightclubs whether you are queer or not. Catch a show at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern, before downing a drink at Freedom Bar located in Soho. End the night with a party at G-A-Y.

Royal Vauxhall Tavern, London

6. New Zealand

New Zealand though one of the later countries to recognize LGBT rights, is now extremely warm and welcoming to queer tourists and is indeed a country of freedom and splendor. The country has several travel management companies offering gay tours and an ambiance where the LGBT travelers can enjoy a completely hassle free vacation.

Fun events include the Hero Festival and Great Party Weekend, Out Takes and Gay Ski Week. The nation also offers a wonderful nexus of gay and lesbian home-stays.

7. USA

The U.S. of A is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the whole world. The States is also known for its wide array of travel destinations and in the recent times has been extremely receptive to LGBT tourists offering them an atmosphere of feeling right at home. New York, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Los Angeles, San Francisco are popular holiday destinations for the Queer community. The country is growing to be the most gay-friendly, gay-popular, exciting and tourist rich travel destinations from around the globe.

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8. Brazil

Brazil has always been one of the most exciting travel destination of the world and has a lot on offer for the LGBT community, as well.

The natural acceptance of individuals from all walks of life makes Brazil one of the most welcoming countries for the gay travelers, who are often enchanted by the country’s cosmopolitan and chic sophistication.

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Sao Paulo has the world’s largest gay pride celebration with approximately 2 million people at the gay parade. Salvador is especially open to transgenders and the Scala Gay Ball during the Rio Carnival is a haven for the LGBTQ scene. By understanding the gay friendly areas of the country and arranging travel packages to those areas of interest to the gay traveler, Brazil has surely managed to win over the LGBT community as one of the most sought after travel destination.

Let us know where your next vacation is going to be!

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