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Intro to the Revolutionary World of Blockchain Gaming in the AlterVerse.

AlterVerse: Disruption — Armor and Weapon Skins

How often have you wished that you could earn money while playing your favorite video games? If you’ve been looking for a way to monetize all those hours spent playing then the AlterVerse has something you’re going to love.

With blockchain technology, you no longer have to be a popular Youtuber or streamer to start making money, and you no longer have to spend hours grinding to get your hands on ultra-rare, in-game items.

AlterVerse has created a variety of collectible blockchain based items for pre-purchase for their upcoming gaming and world-building multiverse including Elite Lifetime Citizenships, Limited Edition Game Servers, and of course standard Skins for in-game weapons, armor and avatars. Read on…

The Solone System —Entrance to the AlterVerse

How do players purchase skins in the AlterVerse and what can they do with them?

Skins are textures that are applied to in-game weapons, characters and armor. Currently, players can buy skins in the AlterVerse Market at wholesale prices. Soon, players will be able to purchase skins in-game, where they can also customize their character, armor, and weapons with them.

Skins are not new, but tracking them on the blockchain is. With blockchain based skins, players know exactly how many skins of a given scarcity actually exist. Skins in the AlterVerse come in 7 levels of scarcity. Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythical and Enjelic.

Another new feature is that all of the skins are backed by a fixed amount of Enjin Coin which provides some security for players. The skins can be ‘melted’ for the amount of Enjin Coin they are backed with.

These tokenized skins are not like typical skins that you may have seen offered through games like Fortnite or League of Legends.

Once a player purchases a skin, it is then stored in their own virtual wallet. The Enjin wallet for smartphones can be installed for free. This makes the skin the player’s own property, allowing the player to do whatever they wish with the skin. The best part is that all skins owned by the player are free from influence due to external changes in the game, even if the server completely shuts down.

Players will be able to buy, sell, and trade any character, armor or weapon skins they acquire from any server. Giving players the financial freedom to do what they wish with AlterVerse skins allows them to earn when selling skins or conducting smart trades for rare skins which they can sell for a higher price.

ACES — AlterVerse Crypto Economic System

Monetizing Gameplay

Raids — Players can earn Aces (the AlterVerse in-game currency) stored in the treasuries of ships and castles that they’ll be able to raid in the game. There will be Solo Raids where a player ventures out on his own to raid a treasury and also Alliance Raids where players form Alliances to perform co-op Raids against other Alliances. The number of Aces that players can win is set by the server owners. (See Limited Edition Game Servers below) Players can take on the challenge for a small fee in Aces. Aces will also be used to purchase perishable items in-game such as food and ammunition.

Adventure Quests — Exciting, timed, Adventure Quests are another way for players to win Aces. Completing a Quest will fill the pockets of players with Aces. Adventure Quests will push people to become better players as they overcome increasingly difficult Quests and improve their times to move up in the Ranks.

Battle Royale — Battle Royale styled gameplay has been around for a long time. We used to call it King of the Hill in grade school. The AlterVerse will feature this type of gameplay in multiple worlds with Aces as the prize for the last man standing!

Limited Edition Game Servers

For each game, players will be able to buy pre-made, pre-programmed, customizable servers where they decide how much to charge players to play their version of the game, what the player can win, how many AI defenders will be deployed (which influences the difficulty level), and how much time the player is allowed to complete tasks. Buying a Limited Edition Game Server is much like buying a small franchise business. In addition to fees earned from players to play, server owners will receive a commission for skins sold on their servers.

AlterVerse: Disruption is the first of a total of 17 games planned and already prototyped for the AlterVerse multiverse. The first round of Disruption Game Servers sold out immediately. More Disruption servers are expected to be released once the game is made available to the public on Steam and other popular game portals. Servers will be made available for all of the other upcoming games as well.

What can players do to help support the AlterVerse?

With AlterVerse presenting a new way for gamers to create an alternative revenue flow, gamers can help support the development of AlterVerse by purchasing tokenized skins at wholesale prices in the AlterVerse Market.

Supporting the development of AlterVerse allows the game’s developers to create even more advanced features.

With AlterVerse: Disruption nearing completion, players can currently buy an Elite Lifetime Citizenship which grants them access to all games released in the AlterVerse. These Citizenships are also tokenized with a Total Supply of 2000 of them ever being created.

Visit the AlterVerse Market site for new sales and updates.



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