Airbus UTM Open Source Tools

Jessie Mooberry
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1 min readJun 14, 2018


Airbus UTM works with policymakers and industry around the world to understand the considerations for a future traffic management system which will support autonomous aircraft. These are some tools we’ve created to support our partners.

Drone Volume Estimation Tool:

While working with regulators around the world, a common question we face is “how many drones will fly here?” To streamline those calculations, we built a tool for estimating the volume of drones coming to our skies. This tool is free to download and use. Here is the open source license.

The volume estimation tool can be used in several ways:

  • For a quick and easy 3-minute calculation, use the “Core Inputs” tab.
  • If you’d like to dig into the details and refine estimates with region-specific information, there are over 100 inputs on the “Detailed Inputs” page.
  • Exploring the mix of drones based on regional markets and behaviors, such as urban air mobility (air taxi) use, commercial and cargo deliveries, agricultural surveying, emergency response, and much more.
  • Adjust the inputs to compute different upper and lower volume bounds based on how aggressive you think drone adoption will be.

[Download Tool]