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The Income Streams of a Symphony Musician in 2021

Where does my money come from?

Assorted Silver-and-gold-colored Coins on Gray Surface. There is a stack on the left side of the photo, whereas they are all laid out individually in the center of the photo.
Photo by Steve Johnson from Pexels

Tax season is approaching.

I’ll be honest; this article is a convenient way for me to start collating my T4s, bank statements, and receipts to prepare for taxes.

As a musician, you rarely have one job that can pay all of your expenses, especially for…




Stories about a violist’s experiences in both music school and the professional world.

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Viola Geena

Viola Geena

Formerly Viola Altiste. Canadian writer who happens to be a violist in a symphony orchestra. All opinions are my own. Twitter: @violageena

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