and ODX to offer Users Free Access to Broad Library of Blockchain Games

Strategic partnership formed between and ODX Network to connect decentralized games with a vast base of internet users in emerging countries

Singapore, August 20, 2018 — (Alto) and ODX Pte. Ltd. today announced a collaboration to bring casual gamers in emerging markets increased access to a rapidly growing library of blockchain-based mobile game experiences. The deal will connect consumers leveraging ODX Pte. Ltd.’s Open Data Exchange (ODX) platform to numerous high-quality mobile game selections from Alto, the largest network of blockchain game developers in the world.

“Mobile games currently make up about 25 percent of the App Store and the number of casual gamers across the globe is growing,” said Nix Nolledo, founder and CEO of ODX Pte. Ltd. “It is estimated that mobile revenue will exceed $70 billion this year and the audience we serve is expected to be a big driver of this growth. Emerging markets present an unusual set of challenges, but the experienced team at Alto has developed a new model that modernizes the way developers create and market new titles as well as how players engage with and pay for games.”

Alto offers developers of all sizes a decentralized suite of tools that makes it easy and affordable to link games to the blockchain and further connect with new and existing players. Its unique platform enables anyone to mint virtual items/cryptoitems that can be permanently owned, traded and played across multiple game titles.

“Digital item economies is already a $46 billion market and cryptoitems have the potential to become a trillion-dollar market in no time,” said Gabby Dizon, co-founder and chairman of Alto. “Our goal is to drive that growth while creating value for developers and consumers across the globe. ODX is the perfect partner for reaching the growing number of mobile gamers in emerging markets; its platform enables frictionless discovery and consumption of games by allowing players to engage without requiring an expensive data plan.”

ODX Pte. Ltd., an offshoot of Xurpas, the largest consumer technology company in the Philippines, recently announced more than $60 million in commitments from leading global funds and tech leaders, to develop and scale its decentralized data marketplace. Alto will leverage the expansive ODX network to connect the large number of customers interested in mobile games to Alto’s discovery platform for premier blockchain-based titles.

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About ODX Pte. Ltd.:

ODX Pte. Ltd powers the Open Data Exchange (ODX), a global marketplace where publishers and internet service providers (ISPs) can transact at scale to deliver free internet access to consumers in emerging markets. Leveraging blockchain technology, ODX creates a network of trust, generating a truly open ecosystem. ODX Pte. Ltd. was established by the co-founder of Xurpas Inc., the Philippines’ largest consumer tech company.

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About Alto: is creating a decentralized platform with a suite of tools for game developers, item creators and players, built around the blockchain’s item-first economy. Through the Alto platform, interoperable cryptoitems (blockchain-based game items) will be minted, used, and sold across multiple games and users. We are setting out to enable a self-sustaining ecosystem built around the blockchain’s item-first economy that is fair and mutually beneficial for everyone.

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