The Alto Challenge Loot is in Store Now

Collectible. Tradeable. Usable in many games.

Interoperable items are at the heart of the crypto gaming ecosystem. They are what will enable a whole new generation of games where gameplay isn’t driven by monetization and every transaction is transparent. An item-first economy is the dream of many of us in the blockchain gaming world — a dream which is slowly becoming a reality.

With that in mind, we are proud to present the Alto Challenge Loot Store. As part of the Alto Cryptogame Challenge, we have created a set of limited edition in-game crypto assets, which participating developers will use to build their games around. Players who purchase any of these items will be able to use them across every game created for the Challenge, as well as sell or trade them at their leisure. This is already happening and people are looking to trade and get their hands on some of the items that were not in the chest they purchased.

The Challenge Loot consists of 49 different kinds of weapons, armor, and accessories that can be collected, traded, and sold. Players will have the option to purchase Loot Chests of different sizes, each containing a specific amount of Loot:

  • Small chests contain 3 item
  • Medium chests contain 7 items
  • Large chests contain 15 items

However, these unique items will not be available indefinitely. Alto will only mint 20,500 of these collectibles, and they’ll be up for grabs throughout the duration of the Alto Cryptogame Challenge, which ends on September 11–12 when winners are announced at PG Connects Helsinki. All proceeds from the sale of these items will be used for the total $150k prize pool of the Challenge, funding developers’ efforts to create fun new games for the blockchain.

The Challenge Loot Store is more than a game item store — it is a chance for players to experience item interoperability first-hand and have a glimpse at the future Alto envisions. It is also the perfect way to support developers who share our vision and have a direct impact on the games you want to see get made. The store is open for business. Check out what’s inside!

For more information on how to purchase Challenge Loot, go to our store FAQs. If you are a developer and want to join the Alto Cryptogame Challenge, there’s still time for you to do so. More than 20 teams from all over the world have already registered. The submission deadline is on July 4, so there’s plenty of time left to sign up here.

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Connecting Games to the Blockchain

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Connecting Games to the Blockchain