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Social Media & Small Business: A Strong Partnership

Do you consider social media platforms small business friendly? We sure do! And now’s your chance to take advantage. With platforms like Instagram rolling out new updates and Facebook continuing to push small business friendly product offerings, now is the time to hop on board. We use social media platforms for a variety of clients, in a variety of verticals, as part of a larger integrated marketing strategy. We believe they are the ideal place to display your message and increase engagement.

During Google I/O, the search giant revealed many new products that seemed to be tailored to big businesses. But it seemed to us that Google’s new offerings left small businesses behind. Using the tools listed below will allow you to stay relevant and not get left in the dust by Google’s offerings.

Instagram Gives Small Businesses A Boost

Instagram now provides better tools for your business. Their new update finally offers a true brand presence, and the ability to cultivate direct engagement with your followers. Karissa Bell of Mashable posted this blog Wednesday detailing the product launch. By adding a contact button, descriptive analytics, and easy-to-use promotional tools, Instagram finally gives you a chance to shine.

The contact button gives you the ability to add phone numbers, emails, a website, and directions. It truly allows you to connect with clients, new and old. Additionally, a new suite of analytic tools allows you to closely monitor your online engagement, ranging from the viewer’s geographic concentration to their age. This clearer understanding of your visitors and followers will allow you to hone your brand’s message.

Facebook’s for Business

If you’re not already on this platform, get moving! Promoting your company on Facebook is one of the best ways for you to broadcast your message to a broad spectrum of people. With easy-to-use tools like Facebook Ads, you can drive sales and stay connected with potential customers. Facebook grants you the abilities to target customers unfamiliar with your brand, and speak directly to customers who have done their research and are at the point of purchase. Using customized website audiences, email lists, and other powerful segmentation options in the platform, you can guide leads through the funnel, thus driving sales.

We believe Facebook is one of the largest and most effective small business friendly platforms that can prove invaluable to you.

Let Us Help

What do Facebook’s changes to Instagram mean for you? Our experienced marketing team specializes in developing your business through robust strategic marketing initiatives. From blog posts to catchy #hashtags, we have you covered. So give us a ring! We love to talk strategy, and we can help your brand further establish itself through these social channels.

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