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Wordpress vs. Drupal: Everyone’s Got A Weak Spot

Taking one where it hurts.

The Worst Warts of WordPress

Limited Functionality Out of the Box

What’s a Theme For, Anyway?

Raw PHP templates 🤢

  • It’s overly verbose and can be hard to read
  • It’s insecure by default, meaning you have to go out of your way to write safe code that protects your users and your server
  • It encourages — or at least don’t discourage — mixing functionality with appearance (cf. the tragedy of functions.php)
  • It often forces developers to know things about how the underlying data is structured that are not relevant to how the site should look (e.g. is this value an array? A stdObject? An ArrayObject?). This can increase both the complexity and verbosity of templates.

Plugin Compatibility

Plugin Security

Maintenance Costs

Better start training now.

Drupal: Home of the High Barrier-Of-Entry

Raw PHP Templates (pre-Drupal 8)

A Very Particular Set Of Skills

Tell us about it, Ash.

Choose Wisely, Young Grasshopper



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