Abubakar Mohammed
Jul 21 · 2 min read

As more and more organizations adopt the cloud, utilizing AWS can involve various resources and dozens of services depending on your objectives. Once your company has migrated or has architected solutions on AWS, your infrastructure can get more complicated leading you to overlook innovative AWS solutions or cost savings.

To address this, AWS established the Well-Architected Framework. This framework, comprised of a set of questions and design principles across five pillars helps customers understand the pros and cons of decisions made while building their systems on AWS.

AltoStack’s goal is to help companies build a strong operational foundation allowing them to enhance their AWS architecture to be more cost-effective, secure, and reliable. A Well-Architected Framework review is either conducted by AWS or by an Authorized AWS Consulting Partner.

The five pillars of the AWS Well Architected Framework include:

Security: Focuses on protecting information & systems. Key topics: confidentiality and integrity of data, identifying and managing who can do what with privilege management, protecting systems, and establishing controls to detect security events.

Reliability: The ability to prevent, and to quickly recover from failures to meet business and customer demand. Key topics: foundational elements around setup, cross project requirements, recovery planning, and how we handle change.

Performance Efficiency: Focuses on using IT and computing resources efficiently. Key topics: selecting the right resource types and sizes based on workload requirements, monitoring performance, and making informed decisions to maintain efficiency as business needs evolve.

Cost Optimization: The ability to avoid un-needed costs. Key topics: understanding and controlling where money is being spent, selecting the most appropriate and right number of resource types, analyzing spend over time, and scaling to meet business needs without overspending.

Operation Excellence: Focuses on running and monitoring systems to deliver business value, and continually improving processes and procedures. Key topics: managing and automating changes, responding to events, and defining standards to successfully manage daily operations.

The strength of a building lies in its foundation. The same is for architecting your technology solutions. The Well-Architected Framework is a valuable resource and by incorporating these five pillars into your architecture, you will be able to build up a strong operational foundation of your environment allowing you to optimize AWS solutions while receiving cost savings benefits.

If your business needs a Well-Architected Review or if you have questions, contact us at info@altostack.io.

At AltoStack, our mission is to help organisations accelerate their time to value from the cloud by designing, building, and optimising their infrastructures in the public cloud.

We are a team of DevOps fanatics and a core part of our work is helping organisations leverage the cloud to increase the speed and success of cultural transformation.

Posted by Mohammed Abubakar, Founder | Twitter: @moh_abk


AltoStack is a DevOps and Cloud Transformation Consultancy

Abubakar Mohammed

Written by

Founder at AltoStack — https://www.altostack.io



AltoStack is a DevOps and Cloud Transformation Consultancy

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