Selling DevOps to Management

DevOps focuses on rapid IT service delivery through the adoption of agile, lean practices with an emphasis on people and company culture. The collaborative practice utilizes automation tools to bridge Dev and Ops teams together throughout the entire service lifecycle, from design to the development process to production support. By practicing DevOps, you also attract a top-notch, hungry talent pool, as well as a different generation and brand of customer.

So, how do you sell this critical undertaking to management? Let’s look at three key components that can help drive the idea home.

Get Everyone Involved

The key to an effective DevOps approach is not only getting buy-in from management, but also getting your Dev and Ops teams to collaborate on a common goal and to be willing to adapt to change.

Without the feedback and support from the teams that will actually be most affected (Devs and Ops), your pitch is likely to fail. Become a DevOps evangelist and seek out innovators in each of those teams willing to help spread your message and get people excited.

Answer The Most Important Question; Why?

As you embark on getting your organisation to embrace DevOps, the most important question to ask is, “Why?” because it is the first question that will be posed to you by management.

It’s important to understand the company goals and find ways to align your strategy with those. For example the company’s goal for the upcoming quarter might be to reduce the number of deployments/releases and the potential cost of a production failure — align your pitch to this to show how practicing DevOps would reduce that costly downtime.

Wear The Management Hat

When speaking to management about DevOps, the last thing you want to do is alienate them by throwing out words like containerisation and configuration management. It’s very important to keep the jargon to a minimum.

Non-technical people are excited about benefits, particularly how they outweigh the costs. Consider advantages like faster release times and creating fewer unplanned outages.

At AltoStack, our mission is to help organisations accelerate their time to value from the cloud by designing, building, and optimising their infrastructures in the public cloud.

We are a team of DevOps fanatics and a core part of our work is helping organisations leverage the cloud to increase the speed and success of cultural transformation.