Aiding Nepal

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It’s not like us to feature the same nonprofit more than once, but when we saw the devastation from the Nepal earthquakes, we knew exactly who we had to partner with. We saw first-hand how effective All Hands Volunteers was back in 2013 when floods hit Colorado and they are doing the same kind of good in Nepal.

Pictures from the Altruist visit to the All Hands Project Colorado.

All Hands works within communities to meet immediate and long-term needs after a natural disaster. Right now they have volunteers on the ground distributing tarps and helping construct emergency shelters to accommodate those sleeping on the streets and in fields of Nepal. The violent earthquakes that killed more than 8,000 also left hundreds of thousands homeless.

This month, each dollar donated will be directed towards these efforts. With monsoon season approaching, it is crucial that those in need are able to have access to shelter to protect themselves from the rain, snow, mudslides and possibility of disease.

The road to recovery will be long and All Hands plans to stay in Nepal for at least 18 months to continue to provide direct humanitarian aid and help the people of Nepal rebuild their lives.

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