Calling All Members

introducing the 2016 Members’ Choice Prize

The end of the year is often accompanied by reflection and resolution. Reflection on what we’ve accomplished and resolution to do more. It is at this time of year that Altruist Members often ask how they can do more and while the core of Altruist is the belief that our collective dollar donations can have a big impact, this year we’ve decided to answer the call with the 2016 Members’ Choice Prize.

Throughout the month of December, Members will not only have the chance to vote for this year’s Members’ Choice Nonprofit, but also contribute any size donation to the Prize, which is made up of both individual donations and partner contributions from throughout the year. Anyone can donate to the Prize, members and non-members alike. The donations will then be awarded to the year’s featured nonprofits. The 2016 Members’ Choice first place winner will receive 50% of the Prize. Second place will receive 25% and the rest will go to the remaining 10 charities equally.

So far this year, we’ve collectively donated more than $1,300 to 11 amazing organizations and we did it $1 at a time. With December totals still to come and the addition of the Prize, 2016 is guaranteed to be our biggest year yet.

All donations are tax deductible. Altruist never takes a cut, 100% of donations are sent to the nonprofits. Donations excepted through 12/31/2016.