Saving the World One Font at a Time

When Jared first sent me this video, the concept of an eco-friendly font had never crossed my mind. At no time had I thought much about printing and the implicit and explicit costs. I’ve always focused more on the paper and less on the ink. But the creator of Ryman Eco points out that from the packaging to the cartridges to the ink itself — printers create a lot a waste. If we’re able to reduce the amount of ink we use on a page, those other byproducts are diminished as well.

Dan Rhatigan, the creator of Ryman Eco, set out to make the world’s most sustainable font — using 33 percent less ink than other standard fonts. He did this by using the imprecision of printing to his advantage. When ink hits paper, it bleeds into the page. With Ryman Eco, the surface area of each letter is minimized, creating channels for the excess ink to bleed into. This gives the illusion of fully-filled letters that are actually not entirely filled — thereby using less ink without loosing functionality and beauty.

This new font is already being widely accepted by the business and design communities and is becoming the default font on computers around the world. It has already been downloaded more than 55,000 times and three of the world’s leading publishers are considering printing the world’s most published book, The Bible, in Ryman Eco.

This helped remind me that there are always new opportunities to save in unlikely places — whether its at home, your own small business, or your employer. Since Altruist lives mostly online, we don’t print a lot, but when we do, we’ll be using Ryman Eco.

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