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A Message to My Readers

Sometimes you have to take a step back

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I twisted my foot and fell into depression.

It was a simple matter. I had gone to the park a week and a half ago to run. But when my outing took me off the beaten path, I slipped on an incline and my left foot was to none too keen for it.

I was able to make it home and thought it a small matter. That was, until later that day when it began to swell. So, I called my doctor and scheduled a time for him to look at it.

Until then, and even after, I had to modify my schedule. There were certain things I did daily that I couldn’t do until I healed. It’s all quite logical and normally, one would assess what they could do while injured and focus on those things.

If you’ve read my work for a while, you might know I suffer from depression albeit less severely than in the past. Still, it rears its ugly head from time to time.

I often try and reason out the catalyst of my depressive episodes, but, sometimes, there is little in the way of rhyme or reason. I have endured my aunt fracturing her hip at 75 years old and becoming her caretaker without hesitation or interference from my mental illness.

However, I twist my foot, and everything falls apart.

I haven’t posted anything since December 2nd and my depression is the reason why. During bouts of depression, I question the significance of everything and find little consolation in my queries. Nothing seems to hold any joy, including writing. And so, I haven’t written to you.

I don’t like it to say the least. Maintaining my connection with you is no small matter. I mean to convey the best and most truthful information possible regarding cryptocurrency. I believe your freedom lies within the opportunities in the crypto space.

It’s a new frontier that can afford chances for those who are often gatekept away from financial gains that can improve their lives. I would see that you and I are educated far beyond the normal so we can make the best decisions that help us lead our best lives.

So, I will be returning to writing soon, I hope. Until then, I appreciate all the support you’ve given me by following, subscribing and reading my writing.

More importantly, I wanted you to know that I have not given up and will continue to work my way through this slump until I’m back in front of the cursor.

Thank you all so much, again.

See you soon.





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T.C. Gunter

T.C. Gunter

T.C. wants you to read his words. Hoping that the words transform you. Not in some grand way like spiritual rebirth. But more like a act of kindness or a smile.

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