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Are You Interested in’s Latest Partner VVS Finance?

The Cronos blockchain has its first entry into AMM Defi, and it’s hot!

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*I must first bore you with the fact that I’m not a financial advisor. Therefore, my advice is not official in any capacity.

Defi and are hot right now. And VVS Finance just launched (12 days ago as of this writing), but does that make it desirable? Should you buy it?

First, what is VVS Finance (VVS)?

VVS Finance is an automated market maker decentralized finance platform. There is no intermediary to muddy the waters between borrower and lender. It all runs on the Cronos blockchain using smart contracts. You can stake your tokens, provide liquidity, and yield farm for now. However, they will also offer IGOs or initial gen offerings.

I’ve looked all over, and except for the usual warnings about new projects, everyone is buzzing over VVS.

But is VVS Finance worth buying?

If you have a bit of liquidity to play with, then this could be one of the most promising gambles I’ve seen lately. But understand, it is a gamble. So, don’t spend any more than you can afford to lose.

If you want more detail, keep reading.

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What is VVS Finance?

VVS Finance is an automated market maker decentralized finance platform. They are partnered with And VVS is the first AMM to run on’s Cronos blockchain. VVS provides typical Defi services like swaps, liquidity pools, and staking. Also, with paired staking, you can earn ridiculous APY while the user base is new. However, APYs will go down as more of us come on board.

VVS stands for very, very simple finance. The message is to make Defi easier to use by a bit of gamification with wording. For example, the swapping area is called Bling Swap. The staking area is called Crystal Farms, etc.

And the interface is friendly and easy to use. It links in nicely with’s Defi wallet or Metamask.

So, is it a good investment? I’ll try and answer this question at three levels, high, mid, and low-risk investors.

Is VVS finance a good investment?

If you’re a high-risk investor, I’d say go for it. Why?

It’s a hell of a promising platform with backing it up. And it’s cheap to get in right now. I mean, are you going to cry over $50 for 300,000 tokens that could turn into 100x or 1000x if you’re lucky? No, of course not.

If you’re a mid-risk investor, you might want to take a closer look before buying.

There is a mixture of red and green flags in the fundamental analysis of VVS’s documentation. One of the giant red flags is the team page. It had one paragraph signed by The Craftsmen. No pictures and no data on the developers. Not good. However, backs them, and their market cap is growing well. If you want more detail, check the fundamental analysis section below.

Hello low-risk investors. This token isn’t for you. You’ll be happier taking your money and socking it into Bitcoin.

But for those of you who want to buy, look below.

Where to buy VVS Finance?

You can buy VSS in two places,, and VSS Finance.

I anticipate you’ll see it show up on other platforms after it grows. It employs Cronos bridge so you can cross over from other chains. However, right now, it’s easier to buy it on, then transfer it over to Metamask, etc. I kept getting locked out of 2FA because the price change was so fast, I couldn’t act quickly enough. So, try first. It worked fine for me. Also, if you want to dive deeper into staking currency pairs, you’ll want to buy some CRO or another eligible pair. You can see VVS’s pairings here.

So, will VVS make you a millionaire?

Can VVS Finance reach 1 cent or 1 dollar?

Yes, but it will take at least a couple of years.

According to my research and the fact, VVS is trending. All signs point to a possible 25x over several months. So, at a current price of $.0001305 would put us at $.003 approximately — a third of a penny. My thoughts are if you want a quick fix, then throw in more money and sell-off in a few months. But, of course, that is if you’re a high-risk player who wants more immediate gratification.

In addition, hold on to your VVS and anticipate more significant gains over two years. Breaking one penny will be huge, and it’s going to take time. As for one dollar, I’ll say this. Pancake swap hit $13 in one year, but! But it started at $0.23. So, measure that how you will.

The platform needs time to mature, and who knows what success will see in that time. But, however it goes, it will impact VVS, good or bad.

Is VVS Finance legit?

Yes, but they need to work on their documentation.

There are sketchy elements to VVS I can’t overlook. And they’re listed below. But I can’t believe would be duped. Unless, of course, fools us. But they’ve spent $700mil on the Center, so you’d think they planned on staying.

Something in my gut tells me VVS is legit, but they did not do the greatest job on their documentation. It needs some severe holes filled in if they want to get more than a hype train of people on board to invest.

Okay, on to the analysis.

What is VVS finance’s fundamental analysis?

Market listing

VVS is only listed on two exchanges, itself and This isn’t surprising since VVS is about 12 days old, but it is a red flag. You’d want to see an investment picked up by more exchanges — for example, several big-name exchanges like Binance list Pancake Swap (CAKE). As I said, it’s a risky investment. Red flag.

Market cap

The market cap is sitting at $127mil as of this writing. So, pretty healthy for a newborn project. And that’s up from $90mil just three days ago. Typically, you’d like to see a market cap of $100mil or greater on a new project. Green flag.

Trading volume

Twenty-four-hour trading volume is down today about 3% but sits at over $22mil. Not bad. As more people come on board during the hype and adoption period, activity should be healthy. If it weren’t, you would be worried because that could mean only a few investors are sitting on most of the money waiting to do a rug pull. Green flag.

Price action

Price action for VVS has remained stable during its birth onto the scene. However, there was a sell-off on the 25th of November. But as you can see from the chart, trading volume has been steady as a rock across the board. Green flag.

White paper

  • Team section: There’s only one short paragraph with no pictures, names, links to profiles, nothing. Red flag.
  • Roadmap: While there is a roadmap and they’ve stuck to what they’ve listed, there are no dates. Red flag-ish.
  • Tokenomics: The team is vested for four years, with most of the tokens allocated to network, ecosystem, and security maintenance. The system emits tokens starting with 50 trillion, then halves that amount every year until they reach 100 trillion tokens. According to the chart, the team holds few tokens, and the community owns the majority. However, we will need to discuss the security report by SlowMist. Red flag-ish.
  • Vesting schedule: According to the documentation, there are no vesting cliffs for VCs or private parties. The funding of the project comes from the community’s participation. It’s scary and comforting because there’s no worry of a rug pull from investors. However, there could be from the VVS financial team. See the SlowMist section below. Red flag.


SlowMist provides a blockchain security testing service. And the green flag here is that VVS had them perform an audit. And that most of what SlowMist found to be a problem VVS fixed. However, in the report, VVS has admin control to change the token limit amount of 100 trillion. They also had admin access to change a few other parameters that very much take away the decentralization in Defi. Still, they claim they intend to release governance to the community in their whitepaper but give no timeframe or roadmap. Red flag.


VVS is partnered with posted the news on their blog, and you can read it right here. That’s good news. You want to see partnership announcements somewhere on the web. And it’s always better one of the partners post it on their website than it comes from somewhere else or not. Green flag.

Community interest

Their Twitter following sits at 31.6k. Very healthy. Also, the watchlist on CoinMarketCap is at 21,778. Also, very healthy. There’s tremendous buzz about the project on various YouTube channels (although not on my favorites yet), and that can be promising. The more discussion, the better. Green flag.

As you can see, it’s a mixed bag. Like I said, risky.


I believe VVS is going places. So I’ve put in a bit of fiat and picked up some VVS, and if you can spare a few dollars, it might be worth the gamble.

If you are a high-risk investor, VVS is perfect for you. It has that right mix of potential and uncertainty that gets you vibing. As for mid-risk investors, do that research and think hard on it. You don’t have to put in a lot of money, but it’s still money that could go into something more solid. Finally, low-risk investors (if you’re still reading), I wouldn’t touch this one. You won’t sleep well, and it’s not worth the turmoil the ups and downs this token is likely to experience.

I don’t usually post high-risk projects, but this one caught me off guard. And I had this feeling in my gut, which means nothing to you. But our guts are part of our decision-making process, and we shouldn’t ignore them.

VVS is a considerable risk. So, don’t buy it if you don’t like chance. However, if you’ve got dome spare fiat and you’re feeling frisky, VVS could satisfy the thrill-seeker in you.

Be careful. Don’t invest anything you can’t afford to lose. I’m not a financial advisor. And…

Stay strong.

Also, let me know if you like these token reviews. I’ll do more. Thanks.

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