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JPA Criteria API by samples — Part-II

JPA Criteria API by samples — Part-I

some more examples with JPA criteria API
Simple Join query

long category=200L;
Query query = entityManager.createQuery(“select s from OrderItem s…

JGroups-Spring In Action

JGroups Basic and other jGroups posts
Some Sample Code you may use for adding networking utilities to your Application

Two FactoryBeans for JGroups

  1. ChannelBeanFactory for creating JChannel Instances

Configure Apache:virtual host, mod_proxy and mod_proxy_ajp

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Once you configured your java application server and apache everything is fine until you want to host your another domain at the same server.

OSWorkflow as Object State Machine

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OSWorkflow is a very simple and flexible workflow engine. Developers including me really like its simplicity. One can write very simple XML’s for steps, actions, conditions and functions; and it is done. OSWorkflow can be…

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