Release Notes: com.altuure.yagdao-0.3.jar

Dec 9, 2010 · 1 min read

Append Method handler
Another dynamic query builder. But this one , use simple StringBuilder instead of trying to parse the argument. So more fast and adjustable dynamic query builder

For more see test cases and example dao

@YMethod(type = YMethodType.APPEND,select = "pbyte,count(id)",groupBy = "pbyte")
List<SimpleBean> append2(@YParameter("pint>=?") int i);
@YMethod(type = YMethodType.APPEND,select = "pbyte,count(id)",groupBy = "pbyte",having = "count(id)>10")
List<SimpleBean> append3(@YParameter("pint>=?") int i);
group and having support with aggregation supportAppend and JPA criteria methods now support Projections

Execute Method handler

bulk method support@YMethod(type = YMethodType.EXECUTE,query = "update SimpleBean set pint=:newInt where id=:id ")
int execute1(@YParameter(value = "newInt") int newInt,@YParameter(value = "id") long id);

experimental criteria query parser for JPA

Criteria method is now support more sophisticated queries . please see test cases and example dao@YMethod(type = YMethodType.CRITERIA)
SearchResultList<SimpleBean> criteria2(@YParameter("pint >=") Integer arg1,@YParameter("pint <=") Integer arg2);
@YMethod(type = YMethodType.CRITERIA)
SearchResultList<SimpleBean> criteria3(@YParameter("pstring is null") boolean apply);
@YMethod(type = YMethodType.CRITERIA)
SearchResultList<Object> criteria2CheckApplied(@YParameter("pint>=20000") boolean apply1,@YParameter( "pint<=50000") boolean apply2);


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