Carpe Diem

More than a great line from a favorite movie, it’s a mindset to make today matter. One translation put it “seize the day; put very little trust in tomorrow.” Carpe Diem. Seize the day! But to what end? Fame and fortune? For purpose? For legacy? For pleasure? A tall order with broad implications; Carpe Diem!


Today, what can I do today to advance my…career…legacy…fortune…even if it comes at the expense of tomorrow. Something about that doesn’t quite feel right.

For those of us degenerative conditions, the worry comes from the uncertainty of tomorrow. It is this uncertainty of what the future may hold that has the power to rob us of our ability to make the most of today. Yet in most cases, what we perceive to be a certainty, health and prosperity, is in fact a hope or a dream at best, and in worse case even an illusion. But hopes are just that, and neither dreams nor illusions are real, are they? We can plan, and that we should. Still, life happens; stock markets crash, bubbles burst and those people that wear white coats deliver bad news. What we are banking on is the hope that nothing goes bad today that would negatively impact our dreams for the future.

There is a high degree of certainty in carpe diem. The certainty is in today! If we are able to get up out of bed and make it to the bathroom, we have all we need to seize the day. From that point forward it’s all on us to make the day one for the record books; one of joy, of opportunity and of community. It is ours to lose, and that we do, don’t we? We let the stuff of life, the broken car, the spilled coffee on a pressed shirt, or even another doctors appoint, seize our day. “Tomorrow, that will be the better day to seize; today, I have to get through these chores, this report, that thing over there that I don’t even know what it is yet…first.”

What does it take to push through the garbage that consumes those precious few moments of discretionary time each of us has each day so that we can see it for what it really is; a single chance to make the most of it and do something with it that really matters?

What undeniable truth of life can I take hold of today so that I can carpe diem?

  • The Quester would say that pleasure is meaningless, dust if taken literally.
  • Frankl would argue that purpose is what we need to live a full life.
  • Maslow, self-actualization.
  • Harold’s story is one of longing for security and familiarity.
  • And Bob? He’s just messed up.

Sorry about that, I didn’t think we were headed toward the deep waters! Time to head back to shore. I am running out of white space and I suspect that I am trying your patience.

Taken on the most basic level, maybe the starting point begins with asking ourselves some simple questions; Who should I treat differently, today? How can I use my time more meaningfully, today? What do I need to refrain from to be a better person, today? Can it begin with the simple goal of making today better than yesterday? What then would happen if we could string together a bunch of those “better days” into a renewed outlook that starts with the perspective that today is worth seizing? Just food for thought; something to leave you with.

If this post feels like a bit of a capstone, it just may be. I am on borrowed time. I just received notice that the first year of my web hosting service is set to expire and Lisa hasn’t yet committed to giving me $35.00 to it renew for another year. We have time, Ivy and I should be able to gather enough pop cans before the end of January. That’s true Ivy, selling our plasma is another option.

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