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Orderly Chaotic — How I handled Chaos with orderly system

In the middle of well-organised chaos. How to flow within chaos.

Hello Friends,

This part of the life I am living now is hectic. Doing more than anyone can do if they are in my shoes. Fortunately, I was prepared. The tools I were exploring and learning to use were here to help me to cope up with the busyness. Now I am reaping the benefit of the sharpened axe (digital tools I am using and optimised workflows). My hectic life couldn’t stop me from writing and sending this museletter to my readers.

How did I manage to be productive in chaos? Simple, I had a productivity system and personal knowledge management system in place which does the most of work. The second most important thing is, capturing things. Capturing tasks, capturing notes, capturing ideas and putting them into an assembly line-like process (that’s your system) and then planning for desired outcomes based on your goals and purpose is the crux concept of my system. I am handling multiple projects than ever before. I only can spend less time in each project, at the same time I have to make the project move every week. To stop me from doing unwanted or things that give a low impact on the desired result, I made sure I read ‘my purpose’ in each project I hand. Rather than making decisions based on “Goals”, I started to decide what to do, when to do and how to do it for a project based on my Role and purpose in the project. This gave me clarity and to my surprise, the clarity sustained for a long time. Now I can delegate most jobs without much fear or doubt.

I will be explaining my method clearly in another blog article…

What I Wrote…

To Do… to Done… and things in the middle…

Why our plans and methods fail often when it comes to productivity despite enough efforts? Why our productivity tools not coming to rescue while we accrue torrents of ‘to-do’s to our list everyday?

Measuring the quality of a writing

The quality is not on words wrote, its on the thoughts shared. Most importantly intentions behind it.

Hey, I am also writing in Medium (, and a copy of free versions of this Museletter also be published there.

Read… & Reading…

Books: Now reading M.K. Gandhi’s “The experiments with truth”, an autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi. Resuming to read “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” by John Gray and “Art of War” by Sun Tzu is in the line next.

The Mind at Work: James Nestor on breathing as the brain’s killer app | Dropbox Blog

Ignore the title of this blogpost. The content describes the research outputs of how breathing can affect one’s mind, health and thought process. It discuss what is the best/perfect way to breathe, how long to inhale and how much to exhale. Controlling this semi-voluntary action of body can do wonders wholly to our body and mind.

The Theology of Productivity — Superorganizers — Every

Exploring why productivity can feel empty, and how we can make it whole again. This article is Spiritually (not religiously) inclined.

Stop Thinking About Your Bad Habits! [Do This Instead.]

Ruminating on bad habits just makes them harder to avoid. Then what to do? Read this wonderful tip to get rid of your bad habits.

for my fellow educators

16 Characteristics Of A Critical Thinking Classroom — —

16 characteristics in one picture.

Related to leadership & journaling benefits.

Why Intelligent Minds Like Jeff Bezos Embrace the Rule of Writing |
Take a page out of Jeff Bezos’s book and follow the rule of writing. It’ll make everyone better.

The quiet and powerful advantage of mindful leadership

A small patch to your leadership idea.

What My Morning Journal Looks Like — The Blog of Author Tim

Not satisfied with your writings in diary. Does it look awkward, embarrassing? No need to worry. Have a look at Tim Ferris’s own morning journal to get an idea how rough, raw your journal can be.

Quotes from what I read

Systems Thinking is only of expertise. I found these content (originally oriented to developing better UX) to be too worthy to understand how a system should be. It explains the behaviour of a system very well. Kudos to the author, Arturo Rios.

Reid Hoffman’s Two Rules for Strategy

”Making the complex simple does not mean ignoring complexity”

“Wrestle with complexity, yes, but frame and commit to a decision that’s simple enough for everyone to understand and act on.”

Look for the “Single Decisive Reason”.

From systems thinking to systems doing | by Arturo Ríos

“A system is never the sum of its parts; it’s the product of their interaction”

“The performance of a system depends on how the parts fit, not how they act taken separately”

“A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that worked”

“The system always kicks back. Complex systems exhibit unexpected behavior. It is almost as they would have their own will, and that will is not friendly with changes.”

New productivity apps I am trying

Drafts | Where Text
Drafts, Where Text Starts

Drafts is a “Quick Capture” text editor with powerful functionality to take out the text to any other form or to any other app or service. I’ve tried this app a few years ago(when Evernote used to be snappier to capture text), now I am giving it another try and happened to like it already. I am planning to write an article about Drafts (app) next. Unfortunately it's not for any other platform than iOS, iPad OS and Mac.

Refind | Where News

Get the most relevant links to your interest from around the web. With summaries by the authors and highlights.

Most of my friends wonder how I get to read more news every day. Honestly, I read less, I read from quality sources and I read highlights first to judge whether I should read the article fully or to glance. When I was using Feedly, the feeds of news links are like flood and 95% of the content is not targeted or curated by machines (in the case of other news apps) or by recency (in the case of Google News). Refind clears the path, by only feeding the links that the community added and recommends. That’s great. I highly recommend Refind to anyone who wants to be updated in their field.

Finally, to the end. Did you get any value from my creations, then share this with your friends. Or reply/comment to this issue of Museletter. Wishing you a great weekend ahead!




Productivity Workflows (The Effortless Flow), Digital Productivity Methods / Systems, Personal Knowledge Management, Apps/Tricks/Tools, and Little philosophy.

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