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Always for Love

Creatures of Love: A Mother’s Day special for all the ladies with the fur-babies

I don’t know about yours, but my fur-baby is a tiny tiger. (photo by Chrononauts Photography)
When she was still an actual baby, and I would carry her around our cold apartment in my bathrobe.

Unconditional love is real, and it really is the most profoundly worthwhile experience in this silly life.

A fairly accurate representation of how I see her all the time. (photo by Chrononauts Photography)

Responsibility is a good thing.

You are capable of more nurturing than you have ever been allowed to know.

You can learn to embrace broken sleep.

When we do sleep, it’s usually something like this.

You can get used to someone making messes and breaking all of your possessions.

You can get used to cleaning up someone else’s poop and vomit.

It’s actually easier to go places with a baby than with a cat.

Everyone’s a critic.

(photo by Chrononauts Photography)



lots of things matter, but at the heart of it all is just love

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