Always for Love
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Always for Love

Romance Versus Red Tape: the surprising difficulty of eloping in Europe (and my newfound appreciation for American liberty)

The wedding cake of champions in ‘The Vegas of Europe’
I was born in Anchorage, he was born in London; a symbolic representation of our struggle to find each other.
Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen’s City Hall — you could do worse.
The rings were spotted in the window a small secondhand jewelry shop on a side street in London, within minutes of getting off the phone booking our date.
His and hers in a delightful Airbnb apartment (hotels in Copenhagen are crazy expensive, so Airbnb saved us)
We did it!
I will say that I do feel safer knowing that the archive where our marriage records are housed is protected by this owl.



lots of things matter, but at the heart of it all is just love

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