Great Design Briefs = Great Design Results

Jul 30 · 3 min read

I mean, a designer can’t do ALL the work for you. For us to really nail some designs that blow the minds of that target audience of yours, we need to understand exactly what you do and why you do it. And nobody knows your business better than you do. What’s the problem your business solves? What are you trying to achieve with this design project? We need a brief that is more than one page. In fact, we need a brief that is more than just a document. Let’s take a look at what really makes for a great design brief.

Discovery & Scoping

WORKSHOPS! The slightly more practical word for a really long meeting, who isn’t excited by that?! Well you should be. This lets a design team explore your product and your idea with you (or your website, a website is just a type of product… learn something new every day, right?). You get to know the team a little better and exactly what they are capable of. When you come out the other side, there will be a detailed scope of work and a clear runway to solve all your problems and make you super rich… or save the world… or you know, at least get the app to the developers on time.

Now just a heads up, the design team will be asking you for a lot of details. This is 100% a collaborative effort and you know all the stuff the designers don’t (yet). If you have an existing product, we want to study each screen. If you don’t have one, we want to understand every little thing a user might want to do on your product. But we will make it as painless as possible, in fact at Alyoop we will even buy you lunch at our place (we literally run workshops around a table made from a repurposed basketball court, no jokes). We’ll let you play with coloured pens (like, writing important stuff on the whiteboard) and stickers (post-its… also for the whiteboard).

User Profiles

It’s like playing god. You get to make a hypothetical being with thoughts, feelings, maybe even a family of their own. Except it’s the user that’s going to love you forever and buy all your stuff!

Who they are, what they do, how they think. Designers want to know everything they can about your users. A big chunk of this should come from your brand and business plan, but we need to understand how it translates specifically to the users of your product. Why are they coming to the product in the first place? What are their goals? How do those goals match with your business goals?

Features & Architecture

What earth-shattering features have you got up your sleeve? How many beautiful, jaw-dropping screens do you have in mind? Why the hell do you need all that?

Good design is simple, intuitive and to the point. Every pixel in your product should be there for a reason. An experienced design team has probably built a tonne of the things, so they can follow conventions your users will understand. But they will need your help understanding how the features, structure and visual style of your product is going to do something different, something special, and something your users will love.

Slam Dunk

Because everything is easier if you plan well. Because the better a design team knows your business and your user, the better they can reflect that in their designs. Because it wouldn’t be an Alyoop article without a basketball reference.

Have a brief that you want a designer eye to look over?

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Alyoops to you

Sharing our design knowledge and thoughts involving user experience and product design.


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We are a small Melbourne based design agency ✌️ serving up thoughtful, beautiful products that make users happy. 🏀

Alyoops to you

Sharing our design knowledge and thoughts involving user experience and product design.

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