3 Daily Habits I Stole From Insanely Successful Entrepreneurs

Simple yet transformative practices.

Photo by Beat Jau on Unsplash

No matter who you are, there are a few basic necessities that you must have in order to survive — food, water, shelter, and of course, money.

Everyone needs money to live off of. Just how much you can survive comfortably on depends on where you are located, how large your…




I’m Alyssa, a vegan recipe creator (nomeatfastfeet.com) and endurance runner. Here you’ll find fitness & food content! *Disclaimer: The resources and information shared in this publication are only for entertainment purposes and aren’t intended to provide any professional advice.

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Alyssa Atkinson

Alyssa Atkinson

Ohio U XC/Track alum. I love to run! Vegan Recipe Creator + Food Blogger. My Links: https://nomeatfastfeet.com/links/

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