AMA Scholar Daniel Burtner Q&A

2017 Social Impact Scholarship Recipient

School: Slippery Rock University
Currently: Marketing Director, Slippery Rock University’s Non-Profit Sustainable Enterprise Accelerator
Owner, Burtner & Co

What are you studying in school and when do you graduate?

I am double Major: Marketing and Sustainable Management. I will graduate with my undergrad degrees in December 2017, then begin my MBA degree in December 2017.

Why/how did you first become involved with the AMA?

I joined AMA in the spring of 2015. I knew that it was important to network with others in my Majors so, I looked at the posted meeting schedule and showed up.

How have your past experiences with the AMA contributed to your personal and professional growth?

I am the outgoing 2016–2017 president for Slippery Rock Universities chapter of AMA. I have had the chance to meet many wonderful people and it has opened doors to many wonderful opportunities. The networking and traveling opportunities have allowed my experience level to grow in confidence that what I bring to the table is something special.

I lead my chapter to 5 awards including placing in the Mary Kay Instagram competition that Ashley McCollum and I participated in, we took second-place in the t-shirt competition, Honorable mention for the Ebay case competition, outstanding chapter communications award and of course my Social Impact scholarship. at this year’s AMA collegiate conference in New Orleans including my own social impact scholarship award.

I also volunteer as the Director of Marketing, Events, and Aquaponics at Slippery Rock University’s Sustainable Enterprise Accelerator which is a Non-profit that manages multiple projects and works with companies. The aquaponics project was selected to present at the Clinton Global Initiative in Spring 2016 for our work on poverty alleviation, and we are proud to say that we had 4 other projects accepted this year. So, I keep very busy.

What scholarship did you receive from the AMA and what impact has it had on you?

I won 1st place in the Social Impact Scholarship for my work with Aquaponics and poverty alleviation in Uganda Africa. I was quite humbled by winning. It was not only a great honor for me but for the university and that has helped to move the project along, further formalizing the relationship between Slippery Rock University and our partner in Africa Uganda Martyrs University. It has also spurred a side project working with High school students where I serve as mentor to them as they raise money to build a working model just like the one at Slippery Rock university. The only difference is that they are concentrating on the diversification of rural farming in western PA and how we can use today’s technology to bring new ideas to farms and spur new economic opportunities.

I have been awarded many nominations and awards this past year at the university and I would like to think it all ties together with hard work, putting others first when needed, with a unwavering determination and willingness to roll my sleeves get dirty.

Do you hope to remain involved with the AMA after college graduation? If so, why?

Absolutely I will remain involved! While I was president we set up a graduate mentor position so that our outstanding AMA members that go on to get their MBA from Slippery Rock can stay involved and use their experiences to help students, I am a huge mentoring fan.

Do you think being involved with clubs and volunteering with organizations is important for college students? If so, why?

It’s very important to be involved with organization like the AMA, you can go through the motions of everyday class work but what you get from clubs like AMA is a chance to take what you learn and apply it.

Anything else?

Here is my project’s website. I supervised the senior media management class this past spring as they worked on the website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. they made short videos for the project.

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