Amadeus & Auctus are partners since the beginning

In this post, we would like to explain better how Amadeus was born to address an issue brought by Auctus Team and how they influence us to focus on a Relayer dedicated to DApps.

Auctus is an Ethereum-based project that is creating a platform for long-term goal-based investments, aiming to enter the retirement market. The AUC token introduces a result-oriented way of getting financial advice from human and robo advisors using a trustless mechanism in which the payment for products and services is linked to the results, putting retirement savers in control of their savings.

One of the goals in Auctus’ roadmap is to manage their user’s assets directly in their platform, by collecting contributions and providing automated investments in a mixed allocation of cryptocurrencies and traditional assets. For that, the Auctus platform will need an exchange mechanism to convert contributions into tokenized assets that make up the savers’ optimized portfolios. On September 26th, 2017, Auctus announced on their Medium page an integration with the 0x protocol to enable a decentralized exchange of Ethereum-based tokens:

By the time of the post, the Auctus team mentioned the need of a different kind of relayer, because the existing ones then were building decentralized exchanges with order books which were not optimized to be used for DApps: “something like an automated market maker could be achieved if an entity decides to act as both relayer and seller, exchanging tokens from its own reserve”, stated Daniel Duarte, Auctus’ software engineer.

With that thought in mind, a group of 9 people got together to develop a relayer on top of 0x dedicated to B2B token exchange that can provide liquidity for dApps as Auctus, that needs to collect contributions from retirement savers in several currencies and convert to other tokenized assets in a seamless way. Auctus platform will provide an easy, fast and trustless fund management experience using Amadeus as the liquidity provider.

With Amadeus, Auctus platform will have an optimized, less expensive and completely automated solution for trading the currency collected in contribution.