Enriched Couples
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Enriched Couples

Supporting Outness Through LGBTQIA-affirming Product Design

Sexual and Gender Minorities as individuals and couples are often an afterthought.

Product sketch image by HalGatewood.com on Unsplash

As startup founders, we can do a lot of good within our companies to help humanity evolve toward a more validating, equitable, and just collective. During Pride Month 2021, let’s ask ourselves how we can do better and do more




Communication isn’t just what you say — it’s also how you say it. Unify your financial goals while buiding healthy relationship habits that last.

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Annette Miller

Annette Miller

Outgoing introvert, social change advocate, behavioral psych pro/therapist, finance writer, ex-fintech founder, gardener. Salesforce, analytics stan. She/her

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