An Open Door for Amanda

Photo credit: Remezcla

On April 12, 2017, some people came to see Amanda to do a photo shoot ( The photo shoot was in Amanda’s room. Usually, she has to go places to get what she needs done, but this time, company paid her a visit. They took some beautiful photo shots of Amanda. It’s great that she is getting the attention that she has been getting. There is an open door for Amanda. It is a door of opportunity to get recognized about her Selena Tribute. The door has been open and been wide. It is a blessing that Amanda can sing songs by Selena and still get recognized as Amanda. Selena had a great career, and it looks as if Amanda is starting to get one of her own. Doing a Selena tribute is unfolding into something more for Amanda. People are starting to see her for whom she is and fans are loving her too. See the photo shoot of Amanda on Instagram @bidibidibombum.